Firewall Zero Hour (2018), the PSVR exclusive & team shooter from First Contact Entertainment, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a six-day free trial for PS Plus members.

Starting tomorrow, August 28th, and going until September 2nd, the six-day free trial will give you access to the entire game including the latest maps, weapons, characters, and equipment.

First Contact is also doing a Double XP event during the six-day trial, giving everyone a reason to play if you’re still intent on leveling up.

If you haven’t had a chance to play, Firewall Zero Hour was released last year to much fanfare; it not only drummed up strong support with PSVR owners by offering one of the first classic team-based shooters on the platform, but also took a prime spot in a PS Aim hardware bundle at the time too.

It boasts a continuously growing number of maps that 4v4 teams can duke it out in—one team defends while the other infiltrates. The game typically costs $20, so it’s definitely worth jumping in for free while you can.

Looking for tactics? First Contact game director Damoun Shabestari has rounded up the top-10 strategies used in Firewall Zero Hourwhich could give you a head start as you battle against novice and veteran players alike.

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  • Greyl

    Meh, I’d rather play Pavlov.

    • gothicvillas

      I play both and tbh Firewall is right there with Pavlov imo. Aim gun is pretty good.

      • Greyl

        No it’s not; you don’t have any of the CQC techniques, 360 degree tracking benefits, real world firearm training techniques or emergent gameplay scenarios that Pavlov provides. It’s also on console, so you don’t have the freedom of Steam workshop and the fun community element of Pavlov. Also, a lot of Firewall players use gamepad controls, which is lame and ruins the fun of it. And it’s a PS online game, so chances are, in 2 years, when less people are playing it, Sony will take down the servers like they’ve done for a lot of other PSN games.

        • gothicvillas

          Why you are so salty? Do you actually have Firewall yourself? I just played it last night and it’s awesome. I had a Firewall 2hr session, then moved on to Onward and Pavlov. You see, I have Index powered by Titan X gpu, my cpu is almost 3 yes old which bottlenecks some of the top tier games to enjoy in 120hz. But overall, even with the all limitations, Firewall is decent entertainment. Not sure why you so mad. Firewall will be on ps5 too, so I expect the game to grow rather than slip into oblivion. I play games on most platforms, each platform has something nice on offer.

          • Greyl

            No salt; well, maybe on your end. But you subjectively said ‘Firewall is right there with Pavlov’, so I disagreed and stated actual facts of how they differ/ how Pavlov is objectively better/ why I wouldn’t invest the time in to Firewall.

  • PJ

    One of the best VRFPS games right now, sadly let down by hardware limitations, if this was a PCVR or Quest title then it would the VRFPS to play

    • Greyl

      It would be nice, but PC has Pavlov, Onward, Contractors, Echo Combat, Boneworks, and a myriad of others on Steam. So PC is still the best platform for VR FPS, and Sony won’t release a new PSVR for PS5 (with actually good tracking, etc) until late 2021 at the earliest, so it will remain that way for a good while.