Got a PSVR and a PS Plus account? Then you’ll be able to play the tactical team shooter Firewall Zero Hour (2018) for free this weekend, going from June 28th to 30th.

For users that already own the game, developing studio First Contact Entertainment is also simultaneously holding a Double XP weekend, giving pretty much everyone an incentive to jump in and fill up the servers.

There’s a good reason too: ever since the game’s ‘Nightfall’ update, which brought a number of critical changes to the game including microtransactions and weekly challenges, some users have probably fallen off the wagon due to the new multiplayer implementation that requires individual users to strive after their own set of goals.

First Contact Entertainment game director Damoun Shabestari says in a PS blog post that many of the issues experienced in squad and matchmaking have been solved in the 1.26 Patch, and that the studio hopes to keep users engaged.

“It has been a process, this buildout of a reliable and robust platform — one that will set us up for future growth, improvements, and content rollouts,” Shabestari says. “We hope where we take the game from here exceeds your expectations and rewards your continued commitment.”

If you haven’t had a chance to play, Firewall Zero Hour was released in August 2018 to much fanfare; it not only drummed up strong support with PSVR owners by offering one of the first classic team-based shooters on the platform, but also took a prime spot in a PS Aim hardware bundle at the time too. It also supports PS Move, and boasts a continuously growing number of maps that 4v4 teams can duke it out in—one team defends while the other infiltrates. The game typically costs $40, so it’s definitely worth jumping in for free while you can.

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  • BillyBumbler

    I’m kinda surprised Ubisoft hasn’t tried to make a VR version of R6 already. I’d love to see a AAA version of a multiplayer shooter that isn’t clunky like Pavlov.

    Also, I’m not a fan of the PS Move controllers.

    • fay

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