Beat Games, the indie studio behind block-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber (2018), announced that the long-awaited first music pack is headed to both PC and PSVR platforms on March 14th.

The company announced the news via Twitter. While the music pack will indeed be paid DLC, the studio says they already have a few free songs too that are nearly ready. Beat Games is staying tight-lipped on the specifics for now, so we can’t say how many tracks or at what price.

Image courtesy Beat Games

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive users can at least look forward to five tracks which were previously exclusive to PSVR (from OST Vol. 2), which are said to arrive free in a March 14th update.

Alongside the DLC launch will come an updated UI “so you can easily browse OSTs and upcoming Music Packs,” Beat Games says.

Exclusive: 'Audica' Preview & Track Reveal – Blast the Beat

Rift and Vive players have had a fairly easy time keeping up demand for new tracks thanks to the PC version’s support for third-party software, letting users download and create their own custom tracks ad infinitum.

While the music pack may not do gangbusters on PC, the PSVR community of players are undoubtedly looking forward to the end of a nearly three-month long dry spell of playing mostly the same stock tracks, albeit with a few free tracks and the addition of Expert+ difficulty.

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  • y_m_o

    Such a great game. I just wish creating your own wasn’t so cumbersome. There are so many favourites I would love to add.

    • gothicvillas

      Making a chart for beat saber is almost like writing a music. After all, you have a certain set of notes, just place them in correct order to sound good. Notvthat easy right? Same goes for Beat Saber, it may look at first something easy and simple, but actually it’s a hard work to make great chart with a good flow. After trying myself to make chart (spent 20+ hours on a single track) I have now huge appreciation to some of the charters.

  • Alexi

    I like Beat Saber, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s good to see the developers will continue supporting it and making more tracks available, which makes it all the more annoying that it’s still in early access. They’ve released a full PSVR version, and are now releasing paid DLC, on a game that isn’t finished.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that they’re taking the time to make the game as good as possible, but I feel like there could be more effort going into finishing the game we all paid for already before trying to make more money with DLC.

    • MosBen

      I know that it’s technically in Early Access still, but what aspects of the game aren’t finished or need to be worked on? Obviously, as a player/consumer I always want more stuff to be included, but it seems like a pretty solid game at the moment. I just assumed that there were business reasons to keep in in Early Access.

      • LordOfDaZombiez

        It’s my understanding that they have an easier time putting through patches and updates and the review process takes less time when a game is in earley access. That said, I am not a developer, and this is second hand knowledge so grain of salt.

        • Edith

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        • Carl Wolsey

          There is no patch review process to go through on Steam other than the ones you enforce yourself.

          • Stasia

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  • oompah

    paying for than 5$ for such a simple game confounds me
    especially when its not yet finished

    • jj

      you’re not paying for how long it took them to make this one game, your paying for the years of experience that took these devs to get to where they are now, where they know how to make such a simply great game.

      basically picasso wasn’t paid by the hour… but we all understand that you might have never seen a job where skill matters so its ok you dont understand this.

      • jj

        …or like a photographer, it only took then one second to snap that photo why does it cost so much……… turn ur brain on. oh and check out reddits chooseyBeggers forum because you sound just like one of them

        • Jistuce

          Bujt if this was on Android it would be free!

          And full of ads, and continuously nag you to pay for premium features, and sell every piece of data it can collect to every marketer it can sell too, and…


    • End-user value is what matters and by that measure Beat Saber is the best value game purchase I’ve made in a long time.