Just seconds after Samsung announces their long rumoured VR Headset the Gear VR, we’re receiving word on the first applications available for the device.

samsung gear vr headsetDevelopers Triangular Pixels have announced that they’re working on a retro styled dungeon crawler with support for both the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR. The press release claims that the new title has been developed “From the ground up” for Samsung’s new VR Headset. We only have one image and a sparse press release to go on right now, here they are both in full. IT certainly has the look of Minecraft about it.

Triangular Pixels announces Smash Hit Plunder for Oculus Samsung Gear VR

Wednesday 3rd September 2014. On the announcement of Samsung’s Gear VR device, Triangular Pixels would like to announce that their VR title, Smash Hit Plunder, is to be released on Gear VR.

Smash Hit Plunder lets players explore and wreak a dungeon, looking for as much treasure as possible. Rediscover the joy of smashing things, making a mess, and finding money down the back of your sofa, all without the job of cleaning up afterwards.

Designed from the ground up for the Gear, we’ve been working with Oculus and taking our prototypes on the road for user testing at VR events for a while now. Our initial DK1 build has had a great reception, and we’re excited to be able to finally show it off on the hardware it was made for.

We passionately believe in accessible VR, with a low barrier to entry and a solid, engaging experience. The Gear VR is a truly brilliant device. The touchpad is familiar and easily understandable, and the wireless design allows Smash Hit Plunder players to explore the 3D nature of VR without cables restricting them.

We hope to have a final commercial launch date soon, but for now we are working to a demo which will be released when Gear VR reaches the UK. Keep an eye on to see where we will be showing next!

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