Warner Bros. Entertainment are finally giving the world a glimpse at Batman’s first official foray into virtual reality, Batman: Arkham VR, first shown at E3 this year, and teased here alongside fan reactions to their time with the PSVR exclusive experience.

Up until now, unless you were one of the lucky few to try the Rocksteady developed PSVR exclusive Batman: Arkham VR at either E3 or San Diego ComicCon this year, you wouldn’t have a clue what the game looked like. Now, Warner Bros. have released a new “fan reaction” teaser which includes footage of what it’s like to “wear the cowl” along with impressions from the 500 fans WB demo’d the experience to at Comic Con. Predictably, those that made the cut here seemed to love it – but other reactions which filtered back from people’s time with the experience at E3 weren’t quite universally positive.

Nevertheless, should you like what you see, or are in general a hardcore Batman and VR fan, you can pre-order Batman: Arkham VR ahead of its release around the PlayStation VR headset launch date of October 13. The new experience will set you back $19.99 and can be purchased from the UK PlayStation Store, according to the folks over at UploadVR.

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  • avrame

    PSVR only – booo

    • dextrovix

      True, but maybe after a few months it may be ported to other platforms. But if Sony had a hand in paying for development, then maybe not. Console exclusives are nothing new of course…

  • Jim Cherry

    wow where can i get those goofy ass headphones

  • I’ve heard this game will be available on physical disk at retail, which is pretty cool considering it’s such a short experience. I always prefer physical media when possible, just because it’s nice to actually legitimately own something.