First Look at ‘Distance’, a Survival Racing Coming to PlayStation VR


A PlayStation VR version of Distance, a new futuristic multiplayer survival racer developed by Seattle-based indie studio Refract, made its debut at this weekend’s PlayStation Experience 2015 in San Francisco.

Distance is riddled with obstacles, but don’t count on doing laps around a loop like most racers, because each track is a single ‘point A to point B’ experience that throws all the classic arcade racer conventions at you, but inside a frenetic Tron-like environment that features a random track generator and level editor.

In the PlayStation VR version of Distance, instead of a third-person view that follows behind the car, you’ll be jumping, boosting, flying and wall-riding from a first-person, in-cockpit perspective as you race to the finish.

According to a blog post by Refract developer Jordan Hemenway, the team has “redesigned our UI to work with a cockpit dash, and we added an ‘upside-down’ moonroof to help when landing. Getting sliced by a laser is also (not surprisingly) even more exciting.”

psvr distance

Refract has also released an experimental Oculus DK2 mode for the early access PC version of Distance, which will be on sale starting December 9th on Steam.

The PS4/PSVR version of the game is slated for a yet unspecified date in 2016.

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  • lanthas

    Looking good, hopefully they’ll have official support for the Rift CV in the future as well.

  • Sven Viking

    The car being cut in half by the beam is pretty nice.