Halfbrick Studios announced that Fruit Ninja VR 2 is finally set to leave early access on SteamVR headsets, as the full version will be available starting today on Quest and PC VR headsets.

Released in Early Access on PC VR headsets in late 2021, the game (now in 1.9.2) offers up multiple ways to get into the fruit-slicing grove: you can attack classic, zen and arcade modes, along with a rhythm mode, letting you slice away to the beat.

In addition to a social hub, a multiplayer mode is also available which lets you interact with the environment and challenge other ninjas around the globe. This thankfully includes cross-play.

And while lesser fruit ninjas may have only studied the blade, you’ll also be able to master the bow too across multiple modes. Check out the trailer below to see some of the action:

Fruit Ninja VR 2 is available starting today on the Quest Store for Quest 2 and Quest Pro. It’s not live yet, although we expect it in the next few hours.

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This comes along with a price increase from $20 to $25 for the PC version, which Halfbrick says in a Steam update will bring it in line with Quest Store pricing.

A version is also said to launch on the Pico Store, however we haven’t seen a listing for that yet, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can see all of the 1.9.2 patch notes here, which details a number of bug fixes and performance optimizations the studio has made in preparation for the Quest launch today.

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  • ViRGiN

    Pimax wil be proud. They always used fruit Ninja to demonstrate muh fov and 8k resolution lol

    • jerronimo3000

      Hi ViRGiN, genuinely curious about something. I see you commenting exclusively to put down various VR brands (especially Valve and those related to PCVR).

      I’m just wondering why you’re so passionate about that? Are you trying to warn other consumers from what you feel is a poor investment?

      Thanks :)

      • ViRGiN

        Consumers will do as they please, i offer a rare voice of criticisms and overall disappointment that started several years ago, and haven’t got any better at all.

        There are not nearly enough negative voices out there. Everyone is trying to paint vr as very mature platform with a lot of replayability, but the numbers are out there painting a rather flopped picture.

        PCVR despite unlimited power is primarily playing upscaled quest games, even pc exclusives doesn’t offer any real value. I’m looking forward to quest 3 announcement and exclusive games for it. I think this year will be decisive, to bring new swarm of users who will stick around and continue to use vr.

        And valve deserves all criticism considering they have nearly unlimited funds and 10 million concurrent users on steam. They don’t care about vr, never had, never will. So it’s fair to point these things out, along with dozens of lies said throughout the years. Steam is great for consumers, horrible for developers. Rich get richer, and smaller devs don’t really get any exposure outside singular hits; valve doesn’t invest into platform nor is sponsoring any development to add value to pcvr. Everyone is so quick to hate on Meta or Sony, but you’ll almost never hear anything about steam cause these people are addicted to digital collecting for 2 decades now.

        • Andross

          damn, probably one of the reeeeally few serious comments I’ve ever seen from you.

          I have to agree, only adding two my opinion/desire: one, i still have hope for steam or HTC for a “better integration”, or a better spec device (I like the index, just not the LCD display).

          About Meta i just really don’t understand the appreciations: you can like what Oculus did and their previous path that has been partially followed by Meta. but without Zuck passion for social VR and “personal” or statistic data (not for gaming), Meta management will probably sold the entire VR dept to the first offerer. Quest 2 is a fucking gold mine but you can’t say they constantly believed in it. develpers believed in it, not the management, at all. As soon as a quest 3 will be out (maybe, don’t know), they’ll throw away everything about quest 2 despite the users base. and the worst thing is that quest became more a console instead of a pc peripheral, but the company doesn’t act at all like a (consoles) gaming company. bad support for current device, no support for the old ones, etc.

          nothing to say about Sony, for me is doing really good for now despite the difficulties on the market.
          (sorry for my bad english).