Last week Ritchie Djamhur shared with us his thoughts on experiencing movies using Samsung’s soon-to-be-launched VR Headset, Gear VR. He’s back again, this time with a video walk-through on managing apps for the virtual reality headset as well as some settings and features of special note.

ritchies room gear vr

Ritchie Djamhur is a Sydney-based “geek dad” who, as well as being involved in the local consumer electronics industry, loves keeping up with all the latest technology trends and telling anyone who will listen. Ritchie runs his own website, Ritchie’s Room, as well as a YouTube channel where he’s been investigating the Gear VR. He also appears on television and radio from time to time.

With a release date only as specific as “early December,” Samsung’s first foray into the VR hardware market is due to launch any day now, but some lucky individuals already have their hands on the Samsung/Oculus forged Gear VR device, powered of course by the Note 4 mobile phone. In this video, Ritchie Djamhur of Ritchie’s Room takes you on a tour of the Gear VR user environment. He demonstrates the Oculus Home environment as well as various applications, including Oculus Cinema, Oculus VR Gallery as well as revealing some interesting features, such as auto-orientation adjustment for watching your movies in bed.

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  • Curtrock

    And……POOF! Just like that, after many years of Apple fanboy-ism, Samsung leapfrogs Apple to the position of #1 coolest gadget I must have. Although I still love my i-stuff, GearVR + Note4 phone kills it, with the 1st viable consumer VR product. Congrats to Samsung & Oculus! Hey Apple? Late to the party, are we???? Lol

  • Don Gateley

    How are you controlling this? It seems that there is a virtual cursor that hangs in the center of your field of view and you move your FOV around with head motion to get what you want at that center but what else is there? How do you select, etc.

    Can a track pad be supported instead of using head motion for the cursor.


  • VRMatthew

    Hey Ritchie,

    I am really curious if the 360 Video viewer on Gear VR also views 180 degree 3D VR videos. If so, how do you get the content on there? I have been making these types of videos and am really hoping it works out of the box on Gear VR, Happy to provide content if you do not have any on hand as we have been shooting this type of VR video for a couple of months now.

    Much appreciated.