Gear VR Space Dogfighter ‘End Space’ to Arrive on Rift Tomorrow, Vive Support in February


Orange Bridge Studios today announced that End Space (2017), the single-player space dogfighter for Gear VR, is headed to Oculus Rift January 25th. The Steam version for HTC Vive and Rift is slated to arrive sometime next month.

Orange Bridge says the Rift and Vive version will be an “expanded, remastered and enhanced version,” and will arrive with new content, better visuals, and new motion controller-based flight systems.

The single player game puts you in the cockpit of an advanced Minos Starfighter, where you battle your way through campaign mode on your quest to control the Tartarus Sector. Orange Bridge says the game’s story-driven space combat harks back to classics like Star Wars: TIE Fighter (1994) and Wing Commander (1990).

End Space supports a variety of controllers, including gamepads, motion controllers, and HOTAS. In addition, Orange Bridge has made their gaze-assisted flight mode default, something studio head Justin Wasilenko describes as “kind of like Eagle Flight, but with lasers attached to your hand.”

Seeing a bump in graphical fidelity, both Rift and Vive editions will feature “higher resolution models and textures, increased shadow quality and post processing effects like Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, & ACES color grading.” Wasilenko says environmental updates including planetary surface animations have also been added.

End Space will be available for $15 on Oculus Home on January 25th and on Steam in early February. Keep an eye on the Rift version here. You can also keep on the Vive version here.

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  • Ian Shook

    I’m gonna go ahead and guess its going to score low on immersion.

    • Justin Wasilenko

      Why would you guess that Ian?

      • Ian Shook

        I mis-read the headline! Sorry. I thought it said it was a new game for just Gear-VR. I didn’t realize it was coming out for RIFT + Vive. My mistake.

        • Raphael

          When you eventually progress to reading past just the headlines, a whole new world of information awaits you, and all those endless misunderstandings will be a thing of the past. Good luck flappy.

          • Ian Shook

            I couldn’t even make it through he whole title.

    • Name

      I’m going to guess you score low on life.

      • Ian Shook

        I score fairly infrequently

        • SandmaN

          High road…. well played, sir.

  • To be pedantic you linked to two stores which doesn’t necessarily cleanly map to “Rift version” and “Vive version”. The Steam Store is hardware agnostic and there’s nothing to stop a title on the Oculus Store from having native SteamVR support. In many cases you get the same binary from both stores.

  • Ben Van Deventer

    I feel nauseated already

    • Justin Wasilenko

      Hi Ben, I’m one of the developers. There are a bunch of different options to play the game for people with different comfort levels in VR. The default mode is really quite comfortable and haven’t heard of anyone feeling sick playing.

      • Ben Van Deventer

        Well I’m excited to try it out. All I know is that Air Taxi, the closest thing to this that I have played, can have me trying to control my breathing and feeling vertigo when I do swooping dives, etc.

    • Raphael

      Go play teleport games then. I’ve been using VR since 2006. Never once vomited.

      • Ben Van Deventer


  • Tony

    I dont know. Games like Freespace, X-wing and Tie Fighter were quite involved shooters. Shield, engine and weapon management. Firing modes. About a dozen targeting and subsystem targeting and AI wingman commands. Don’t forget NAV point navigation and target inspection.

    It was an action game, but sometimes you were challenged with distractions depending on the mission objectives.

    If they give us “EVE” with a campaign, especially now with gaze flight with no freelook (wtf – I hope we can change this. I’m ok with stick flight or virtual hotas like Ultrawings). I feel it may be a bit over simplified if we can’t interact in depth with ship systems.

    • Justin Wasilenko

      Hi Tony, The game fully supports free look in the cockpit even using the gaze flight mode. There are 3 different flight modes to choose from. Gaze based, Virtual controller based like in Ultra Wings and full HOTAS support.

  • Rlee

    If it has joystick support, I’m in.