A giant robot looms over the outskirts of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province in China. The new VR park, named simply ‘Oriental Science Fiction Valley‘, has now opened its doors; within them reside a bevy of VR attractions and rides that hope to capitalize on China’s steadily growing VR industry.

Update (04/30/18): A new English-language CGTN report has surfaced via German VR publication MIXED detailing yesterday’s opening of China’s giant VR theme park. The video is posted below.

Contrary to the Reuters report, the CGTN report contends the park is in fact the result of a ¥3B (~$470M USD) investment and not the previously reported $1.5B USD investment. We’ve corrected the headline and clarified the original article which follows below.

Original article (11/27/17): As reported by Reutersthe massive VR park spans 330 acres (134 hectares) and houses within its various sci-fi-inspired buildings 35 different VR attractions—including everything from shooters, virtual roller coasters, to guided spaceship tours of the region’s most scenic spots.

Its organizers have already spent $1.5 billion $470 million creating the park, and while it features a few non-VR attractions such as bungee jumping (from the arm of the robot), most rides will use some combination of VR headsets and motion platforms.

Occupying one of the poorest provinces in China, the park aims to revitalize the area when it partially opens February next year.

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“After our attraction opens, it will change the entire tourism structure of Guizhou province as well as China’s southwest,” Chief Executive Chen Jianli told Reuters.

“This is an innovative attraction, because it’s just different,” Jianli said.

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  • LowRezSkyline

    Has anyone been to this yet? It looks like it’s open, just wondering if we can get an informal review. My GF has been wanting me to visit China with her for a while, just wondering if it’s worth going out out our way to check out. Looks potentially cool as hell.

    • LowRezSkyline

      Ok my GF was able to dig around some Chinese websites and apparently this isn’t open to the public yet. She says they say it will be open in December of this year so very soon.

      • Jomandaman

        The article says it opens “partially” in February

    • brubble

      The only decent thing that’s come out of China is the jian bing.

      • Bryan Ischo

        I dunno, paper is pretty cool too.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          And explosives…

      • Thetrick

        Really? Every other country is pretty happy to use gun powder. It has been pretty useful for generation. I’m sure at somepoint in your life you have had something made out of silk. China made that too.

  • Johnny Daniel Sanchez Vanegas

    Looks more like propaganda or concept footage rather than an already open to public venue

  • cubehouse

    The Chinese website is a fun game of “spot the art stolen from other properties”.

    I’ve got Eve Valkyrie, Galactica VR coaster at Alton Towers, Star Wars (that is literally the Death Star), Terminator, and Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

    • Thetrick

      You do realize that many of these properties in return stole ideas from even older properties from other countries around the world. The U.S. are not the only one with scifi series. They own the most famous ones you know about and with their power they make you believe that they are the only ones who had those ideas but in reality many scifi series around the world are similar in many ways and some even older, only not as popular in the U.S.

      • cubehouse

        Sure. But there is a huge difference between being similar and using unmodified copyrighted imagery from other companies to promote your own work.

        Stealing promotional images from other companies gives an incorrect impression of what they’re offering, and also rides off the back of other companies legit success.

        Taking inspiration from existing media is fine, that’s expected and how things should and do work. However here they have stolen existing marketing material straight from other products and used it without modification for their own publicity. If I see the Death Star or The Terminator featured in publicity images, this gives the product a huge boost in (incorrectly) assumed legitimacy. It is wrong and lies to your consumers.

  • brubble

    Well at least scores of people won’t be killed from shoddy ride construction flaws. Everything will be a half assed rip off.

    • Thetrick

      You one of them anti-china bots? Go back to twitter.

      • brubble

        Sure am! I lived there for an extended period, the country was built on a lie.

        • UnpopularPuffin

          Read the WIPO, they had more patents than the next 3 countries combined.

          • brubble

            HA! So you think the number of patents speaks for an entire country’s integrity? Again, go live there and attempt some business dealings, or even invest your money in Chinese companies and see how that pans out for you down the road. FWIW many of my close xpat friends who were also living there hold the same sentiments.

          • Thetrick

            I made 10k on a one day business deal in china. They got a powerful economy that pushes innovation far more than any other economy in the world. I don’t know in what business dealings you are involve in but my investments in China have paid off well, better than my investments in the U.S. where companies care less about innovation and care more about image and fast cash.

  • [Heavy Breathing]

  • theonlyrealconan

    They must be using the Vive Pro (since it has comercial grade parts). But since the cost of the park is now down to only half a billion, I doubt they could afford more then two or three headsets. (The lines must be insane)

    • Andrew Jakobs

      As you can see in the video, they are NOT the vive pro.

    • NooYawker

      I think many commercial VR attractions are using StarVR

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Why again not just a new article, and link to the original article. This is getting annoying lately.

    But the park is great for those people.

    • Miqa

      I like that they keep articles updated. There is always a note about it at the top, so you know if you’ve already read the original one.

  • NooYawker

    Everything looks dusty, like concrete dust.

  • brubble

    I wonder how long this park will survive….I guess until a crowd of people get killed from the giant robot, or structure…or ride collapsing.

  • ya7o

    I’ve been there in august, we were around 50 people in the park. So you don’t have to wait for the tickets neither the attractions. They were like 10 attractions open.

    Attractions are using old technologies (cardboard-like) and are bad. We felt motion sickness every time and didn’t enjoy at all the uninspired and boring video games.

    Don’t waste your time to go there, its a low cost theme park.