‘Giant Cop’ on HTC Vive Available via Humble Bundle Until 18th March


The folks over at Humble Bundle just sent us word that the HTC Vive launch title Giant Cop is available now until March 18th and will be available as an early build that same day.

Humble Bundle is a digital store front that allows you the consumer to pay whatever you feel a game is worth with a portion of the sale split between charitable causes and the developers behind the game. Until March 18th, you can grab a copy of forthcoming HTC Vive launch title Giant Cop from developer Other Ocean Interactive on the humble bundle store. Those who buy will gain access to an early build of the game, a narrative-driven open-world title which casts you as the titular enormous policeman, March 18th.

Giant Cop on Humble Bundle

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  • Joe Bazaar

    you are stuck paying 30 bucks for it ..you don’t get to pay whatever you want

    • Full_Name

      I paid 20 cents for it (was the minimum the pay process would allow). As part of it you get a 50% coupon to the full game, so I took a chance and ordered that as well.

      • PianoMan

        I don’t see that option – how did you get it at that price?

        • WDKtheV

          Unfortunately it was a coupon attached to a humble bundle (the MIX Digital Preview) that is no longer available.

        • Full_Name

          sorry for the late reply. At the time there was an option where you could put in whatever you wanted. I tried 10 cents but was then told the minimum was 20, and that worked.

  • Sapien

    Its available in one of their bundles – and there you can pay whatever you want… But its what they call an “early build”, not the full version of the game.