Giant vs. Horde is an impressively unique asymmetric multiplayer game with Oculus Rift support. One player, donning an Oculus Rift and a professional motion capture suit, is the Giant. Other players pilot combat spaceships which are but flies to the Giant. Hundreds of players must work together, as a swarm, to defeat the Giant.

Innovation in gameplay is one of the most exciting aspects of the ever-growing VR movement. Developers are being encouraged to look beyond the old tropes; gamers are ready for next-gen, and better graphics alone aren’t going to cut it.

Inhabiting a shared space with hundreds of others can be incredibly fun, just ask anyone who’s played an MMO. Back in my World of Warcraft days, I wished there to be giant human-controlled bosses that could only be vanquished with the combined assault of hundreds of players. It looks like that fantasy may soon be a reality.

Giant vs. Horde is a refreshingly original idea which incorporates virtual reality, asymmetric massive-multiplayer, and full body motion capture. The Oculus Rift provides the visuals, while a professional motion capture system offers one to one body tracking, allowing the Giant to swat, punch, and kick the swarm of enemy ships. The Myo is also planned for inclusion, allowing the Giant to cast spells and initiate special attacks with natural input.

Giant vs. Horde on Kickstarter

Developer Impossible Object is seeking $50,000 on Kickstarter to make the game a reality. Starting at $24, you can become part of the Horde, cooperating with hundreds of others to try to take down the Giant. The developer hopes to get high-profile people to play the Giant and plans to run the game in ‘seasons’, with the first season featuring 12 bi-weekly events. Each event will include several warm up rounds, culminating in a battle against the “headlining Giant.” Impossible Object says they’ll be live-streaming the real-life end of the Giant’s performance with interviews and commentary.

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giant vs horde kickstarter

Since launching the Kickstarter, the developers have pledged to include Oculus Rift support for Horde players piloting ships.

Home Edition Includes Support for STEM and PrioVR

The developers also plan to launch a ‘Home Edition’ of the game with support for consumer VR motion tracking systems like STEM and PrioVR. The Home Edition will allow any player to be the Giant, given they have the required hardware, and they’ll be able to invite their friends to battle against them as the Horde. Impossible Object says that the Home Edition will be DRM free, so that any number of friends can join to battle against the Giant without needing a copy of the game (they’re promising support for Mac, Windows, and Linux). The Home Edition is included with any Kickstarter tier $42 or more.

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