Cyberith has released a new video demonstrating its unique omni-directional treadmill being used to go on safari on the wildlife rich plains of Africa. Plus, hints of an incoming Kickstarter campaign.

Update: More Kickstarter details from Cyberith emerge

With the development making such huge strides it is finally time to launch our crowdfunding campaign. The last couple of days we’ve shot our Kickstarter video with the help of a professional film team. Currently it is in post-production and simply judging by the fun we had shooting it, it is bound to turn out great! So, once that is finished you can expect our Kickstarter page to go live and of course a new round of newsletters announcing the final date! The start of the campaign will also feature the first look at our third prototype, so I guess we can all agree: there’s a lot to look forward to! And to make the wait more enjoyable we have a little treat for you.

Cyberith’s Virtualizer Scoops Awards, Soon Kickstarter?

It’s hard to believe it’s less than a year since I bumped into Tuncay Cakmak, CEO and Founder of Cyberith at Gamescom in Cologne last year. Since then, they’ve made numerous revisions to their unique omnidirectional treadmill, the Virtualizer, and been all over the world promoting their solution to VR locomotion and control. They’ve just released a new video demonstrating the safari game, Wild Earth in use with theirdevice.

VR Studio Releases Free Unity Development Framework for Building Rich VR Interactions

cyberith-laval-awardsNot only that, but they’ve received some serious industry recognition for their hard work. At the Laval Virtual conference earlier this month, they scooped a win in the ‘3D Games & Entertainment’ category at the annual show. They also received a prestigious Utah Teapot from a SIGGRAPH delegation enabling the team to exhibit at the next show held in Vancouver this year.

cyberith-laval-awards2Finally, a long awaited Kickstarter campaign may now finally be on it’s way. I quizzed Tuncay on this subject back in August, where he stated crowd-funding was always an option for the future. Now, comments attached to this new video seem to indicate we may not have much longer to wait.

The new prototype shines with a lot of improvements in design, mechanics, sensoric and materials. Be prepared for our coming Kickstarter campaign and the release of the third prototype.

I’ll be trying to find out more from the team and will of course report back.

The Virtualizer’s unique solutions to not only how to enable and convey locomotion in virtual reality but to also capture and allow crouching, jumping and supportive sitting can be seen in action in these shots featuring the groups 2nd prototype and Tuncay in action.

We’ll keep bugging the Cyberith team until they give us some more details on that Kickstarter and report back. In the mean time, find out more about Cyberith at their website here.

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  • pedrw nascimentw

    The number of positions is somewhat limited. For example, we can not lie down or roll on the floor…

    • Martin Huber

      Yeah I mean come on, how are we supposed to do a real immersive ROFL in VR? :D

    • Andreas Aronsson

      Haha, and when the Omni was revealed people complained that we could not jump or crouch :P I guess before we have a complete suspended exoskeleton we’re never going to be happy ;)