Google’s newly announced Daydream VR platform, an initiative that’s poised to bring low latency VR to a number of select Android smartphones later this fall, wasn’t exactly what the Internet was expecting when it heard about Google wanting to make its own VR headset. As soon as the platform was revealed, a few new sessions at Google I/O 2016 popped up that you won’t want to miss.

Lessons Learned from VR Prototyping (Livestreamed)

When: May 19, 10:00 am – 11:00 am PST (click for your local time)

Daydream Labs has built more than 60 VR app experiments. In this session, we discuss what we learned about interactions, immersion, social, and more. From “doll house” to “slides & ladders”, sometimes our wackiest demos gave us the deepest insights into what makes VR both useful and fun.

The livestreamed session will be presented by Google VR UX Designers and Prototypers Robbie Tilton and Manuel Clement, Software Engineer Stefan Welker, and Google Cardboard Product Manager Mike Podwal.

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Designing & Developing for the Daydream Controller (Livestreamed)

When: May 19, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm PST (click for local time)

The Daydream controller connects people to their environment by enabling them to grab objects, manipulate menus, and more. The high-quality gyroscope and touchpad offer a new set of interactions to your applications & experiences. We’ll dive briefly into the design process behind the controller’s creation, walk through the technical concepts, and show how to implement controller support in Unity and C++. Finally, we’ll share best practices we’ve learned and showcase real-world examples of what this new input device can do.

The livestreamed session will be presented by Hardware Interface Designer Basheer Tome, VR Software Engineer Bruno Oliveira, and Schell Games’ Ryan Hipple and Francisco Souki

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Make sure to check back for livestream coverage and on-site coverage of all things VR from this year’s Google I/O.

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