Nathan-MartzNathan Martz is a product manager for Google’s Daydream SDK, and I had a chance to catch up with him to talk about what developers need to know in order to get started in developing for Daydream, which will be released in the Fall. Road to VR has a great article covering some of what’s needed to build the DIY Dev kit, which Nathan refers to as the “Build Your Own Dev Kit” (BYODK). Or you can follow along the instructions here. I talk to Nathan about the 3DOF Daydream controllers, SDK features, AndroidVR, as well some of the other of the other tips for getting started in developing for Daydream.


Handed out at Google I/O, this sticker can be placed on the screen of a spare Android phone to be used to emulate the Daydream controller as part of the DIY Daydream dev kit.

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