Google have announce the winners of their Project Tango innovators competition, designed to draw out original and impressive use cases for the computer vision, environment mapping technology.

Project Tango is a computer vision project by Google designed to use depth cameras, motion tracking and positional information to create real-time, 3D maps of your environment.

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The Project Tango developer kit tablet
The Project Tango developer kit tablet

Back in June, Google announced a competition designed to draw out innovative uses for the technology with cash prizes for the winners. Well, the winners have now been selected by both a panel  of ‘experts’ and the overall grand prize winner by the Tango community. The winners were selected from 190 original entries and really does showcase how cool this technology is, with category winners walking away with $4096 in cash and the grand overall winner $8192.

Category: “Best Overall”

WeR Cubed Tango by Heroic Arcade

Utilising Project Tango’s motion tracking capabilities, Heroic have created a 3D puzzle game in which you need to move through real space to solve virtual problems.

Category: “Entertainment/Games”

Ghostly Mansion by Rabbx Inc

In this mystery sleuthing title, you play an imprisoned spirit, trying to find peace by solving the mystery of your own death.

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Category: “Utility”

Phi3D byDotProduct LLC

On the practical side, Phi3D harnesses Project Tango’s 3D capture capabilities to snag dense 3D models from real world environments in real time, then export those models into your favourite 3D modelling package.

Category: “VR and AR”

InnAR Wars by FLARB

Two players battle for domination over an asteroid field scattered with uninhabited planetoids. Walk around your room hunting for the opponent’s bases and send attack ships to destroy them.

It’s still not clear where Google sees Project Tango sitting as it works to position itself to take advantage of the forthcoming VR and AR revolution seemingly around the corner. Tango’s technology offers potential benefits to both immersive technology platforms, the competition winners here go some way to exploring what those benefits might end up being.

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