In terms of reviews and revenue generated, Gorilla Tag  is by far one of the most successful games on the Quest platform. Now it’s the first to top 100,000 user reviews.

As first reported by Mixed, the humble game of tag first topped 100K last month, putting it around 102,500 reviews at the time of this writing.

While impressive, this alone doesn’t make it the most-reviewed game on Quest: it garnered that particular achievement the day it came out of App Lab and launched on the main store back in December 2020. Back then, it had already surpassed leaders Beat Saber and social VR platform Rec Room at a whopping 46,000 reviews. Now, runner-up Beat Saber sits at just north of 50,000 reviews.

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Another Axiom, the indie team behind Quest’s most popular game, revealed last year they had generated over $26 million with the primate-centric game of tag, which is free on Quest.

While a paid game on Steam, a lion’s share of that revenue was undoubtedly from in-app purchases through Quest, underlining just how much players resonated with the various skins and accessories that can be purchased with the suitably silly ‘shiny rocks’ in-game currency—not to mention the game’s unique locomotion style, which requires you to push your hands around like a walking gorilla.

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  • Gabe Zuckerwell

    To the surprise of the most elite pcvr elitist, this is the most popular, #1 pcvr game for many many many months now. And it’s $20 on Steam when it’s free on Quest.

    • kakek

      Created a new account ? What happened to the old one ? Did it get banned, or did you just felt to many people knew you ? ( if so, should have been less obvious? )

      • Gabe Zuckerwell

        I know, I’m not very intelligent and you’re right, I have a 2nd account so I can vote up the ViRGiN one.

        • Gabe Zuckerwell

          I’m also known on Twitter as madly it’s Bradley, i recently got a job at something related to vrchat accessories

    • Gabe Zuckerwell

      To my surprise, it’s not #1. If I check my facts before posting, SteamDB backs that up with the truth that Beat Saber is higher at #3…

      • Gabe Zuckerwell

        Stop your gayben propaganda

  • xyzs

    That’s a sad statement of what are popular games on quest.

    • ViRGiN

      What a gaybenism to ignore GTAG being #1 PCVR game.
      What a sad reality of what an infinite power of PC attracts PCVR users.

      GTAG right now: 1282
      HL Alyx: 286 xD

      • xyzs

        HL:A 75k reviews ending in a 98 percent positive rating.
        93 percents metacritic score, 9.2 user score (the lost 0.8 probably because of your 50 accounts review bombs only)

        Let me tell you that Valve is not jealous…….

        • ViRGiN

          Let me tell you Alyx gathered 40k+ concurrent players on launch day, immediatly lost half of them the next day, and then half again the next day, and then another half the next day.
          It’s valve game. Something that happens like twice a decade. Of course it’s going to be positviely review bombarded.
          98% positive rating, attracting ~300 players daily, in the times where VR was never more affordable before? Valve Index still sold at full price 5 years later, that also included free copy of Alyx?
          Let me tell you, Alyx flopped hard, and Valve abandoned it immediatly, unfulfilling their promises of full source 2 modkit to make VR games. Modding can only get you so far.
          Let me tell you again, valve don’t care about vr, never did and never will, 20 year old Half Life 2 had higher playercount each month for the past few years than Alyx.

          Yeah, really sad state that free game is popular on Quest…

          • namekuseijin

            Best video games I ever played were so impactful I finished them once and rarely felt the need to play again because they’re as memorable as any good book or movie.

            shitty bratverse playgrounds are the opposite of memorable. If you remove the users, there’s nothing there, it’s an empty shell. They’re so un-memorable that kids need to go back everyday because they forgot they were there the day before… ;-)

            it’s a stupid, wrong metric. But hey, being so bland it’s not memorable seems to be good for investors…

          • ViRGiN

            So what? Are you trying to say majority of these people finished Alyx so quickly and that’s why we see MASSIVE player count drop?
            75%+ has NEVER reached the last level. thi sis steam own statistic.
            I don’t care about GTAG, but alyx is a laughable tech demo, and it’s “well received” because it’s half life brand and it’s made by valve. valve worship is unconditional.

      • ViRGiN

        When idiots like me ignore the facts and can check SteamDB to find Gorilla Tag isn’t #1…?

        Games can be fun whatever the platform, but I can’t afford a PC so I rally against PC players and especially Steam users, whilst I cry tears of love into a used sock.

      • namekuseijin

        millions of flies saying shit is great… must be true!

        shit like craplox or this are ponzi schemes fueled by little shits with no parents

        • ViRGiN

          98% positive alyx rating.. shit, steam reviews are never lying! over 35 million online pc gamers right now, and only 0.00143% of them are playing alyx. truly revolutionary product.

          yeah, let’s blame chip shortage, covid, scalpers for nvidia, and whatever else fits the narrative.