VR studio Another Axiom today announced that its breakout title, Gorilla Tag, has surpassed $100 million in revenue. The company shared other key metrics about its player population that shine light on the state of the VR market.

Not long after its launch back in early 2021 it became clear there was something special about Gorilla Tag. It’s minimalistic ‘tag’ gameplay, unique arm-based locomotion, and novel social architecture made for simple social fun. And it turns out, people really like simple social fun.

This week the studio behind the game, Another Axiom, offered up some key metrics for Gorilla Tag that show just how large it has become. Here’s the quick and dirty:

  • $100 million in total revenue

  • 10 million lifetime players
  • 3 million monthly active users
  • 1 million daily active users

Gorilla Tag’s revenue comes primarily through in game cosmetics which allow for try-ons and a social shopping experience.

These figures make Gorilla Tag one of the most successful and most popular VR games to date. Not only are lots of people playing the game, Another Axiom also revealed the average playtime is nearly 60 minutes. That’s doubly impressive considering how physical of a game it can be.

As for what’s next? The studio isn’t leaving Gorilla Tag behind, but it’s busy at work on a spiritual successor to Lone Echo, the game which inspired Gorilla Tag’s movement in the first place.

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  • ViRGiN

    Oh for fak sake.

    I'm not angry, just jealous. Everyone should be lol.

    I'll be right back, gonna work some more on my Flappy Bird VR…

  • Christian Schildwaechter

    With pretty much every VR usage graph showing yearly cycles with short peaks around Christmas, I doubt that this one based on only two data points for 2023-01 and 2024-06 accurately represents the changes in Gorilla Tag's user base. But assuming for a moment it does, the monthly active users count for 2022-10 would be ~2mn Gorilla Tag players.

    That month is interesting because Meta internal documents leaked to the WSJ listed 6.37mn monthly active Quest users for 2022-10, the only VR MAU we ever got from Meta. Meaning that almost 1/3rd of all Quest users still active in late 2022 were playing Gorilla Tag that month. Which is a pretty insane number. For comparison: according to esports_net in 2023, CS:GO as the most popular game on Steam back then reached 17mn/~13% of all monthly active Steam users.

    For the longest time Beat Saber was pretty much the VR killer app. In terms of revenue Gorilla Tag with USD 100mn is still trailing far behind Beat Saber, which generated that amount in 2021 alone. But just regarding user activity, Gorilla Tag probably passed Beat Saber a long time ago.

    • Good analysis of the numbers. The success of Gorilla Tag is indeed crazy

      • Christian Schildwaechter

        The numbers allow for one more interesting extrapolation: with Gorilla Tag the most played Quest game by far, and apparently still very popular, current active Quest user numbers should correlate with Gorilla Tag player numbers more closely than with any other game. For 2022-10, their ratio was 3.185:1.

        We never got another Quest MAU count, but Another Axiom stated that Gorilla Tag now has 3mn monthly players. Applying the same ratio, the currently active Quest user base should be at 9.56mn, so finally pretty close to the 10mn Mark Zuckerberg said would be the minimum for a VR platform to allow for a self-sustaining software market.

        These number games come with many potential inaccuracies, from the 2mn MAU derived mostly from one data point over ignoring PCVR players to assuming a stable ratio. But with the VR industry never releasing unit sales or active user numbers, having Gorilla Tag with a somewhat observable concurrent player numbers and a few known data points to extrapolate from is probably better than nothing.

  • Mike

    I really don't understand the phenomenon of this game. It looks like the most unappealing game of all time. Worst graphics quality, worst character art design. It's not even "low fidelity in a charming retro otherworldly way" like NES or something – it's like "well at least they tried", like an amateur cell phone game from 2010 made by a teenager. I really don't get it.

    I don't know if the gameplay is good or not, but it doesn't matter – if I don't wanna look at it, don't wanna listen to it, then I don't wanna play it.

    • ViRGiN

      Success of this shouldn't surprise you.
      what appeal had banana on the wall simulator on steam? Hundreds of thousands played it concurrently.

      • ViRGiN

        Public stats os Steam. Meta? No.

        • ViRGiN

          Muh shteam

      • Mike

        Haha, I hadn’t heard of that.

    • LP

      It's a deliberate mockery of a games industry whose bubble has become too inflated.

    • Sven Viking

      Not sure of exactly how old the dev was but it is literally an amateur game released by a [possibly teenager?] for a cell phone processor. Just one guy who had never worked on a game before.

      I’m not saying you’d like it—you probably wouldn’t—but that sounds like a common argument against VR itself. “I’ve never tried it and I don’t understand what the fuss is about.”

      • Mike

        Yeah. Well I've done so much VR over the past 10 years, I can watch a video of the game and imagine what it would be like in VR. I'm a bit low on time lately.

  • Thatgt

    Hey im the creator you took my info from Thatgt, Please credit me.

    • ViRGiN

      What info?

  • kool

    Isn't this guy working on an echo arena type game watsup with that.

  • Sven Viking

    Do we know of anything more successful apart from Beat Saber?