‘Gorn’s’ New ‘Giant’ Update is Bigger, Badder, and (Optionally) Less Violent

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Physics-based VR brawler Gorn, got a free update today which brings a host of new weapons, a big new baddie, an optional mode to tone down the game’s over-the-top blood and gore, and more.

Gorn, one of the top rated VR titles available on Steam, has players battling against comically proportioned baddies, using gladiator style weapons to cause as much damage as humanly possible. Available on Steam in Early Access July 2017, the game has seen regular content updates. Following the ‘Flying Firsts of Fury’ update back in December, the game today got the ‘Giant’ update, just in time for a 25% off weekend sale which lasts until February 26th.

The suitably named ‘Giant’ update brings a new champion for players to battle, the hulking Giant, complete with ‘Mitch’, a tiny bow wielding warrior who rides on the Giant’s shoulder.

Image courtesy Freelives

The ‘Giant’ update also brings a slew of new weapons, including a hand-mounted crossbow, huge greataxe, chainblade (a chain with a knife on the end, of course), a throwing shield for some Captain America action, and what the studio calls their “most requested weapon,” the massive greatsword. The update further includes an all new arena which is bigger and includes environmental hazards to further enhance the violent spectacle.

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Speaking of violence, Gorn’s over-the-top violence can now optionally be toned down. A new ‘Low Violence’ mode gives enemies the appearance of being made from paper or wood, and, instead of spewing blood and guts, they’ll spew candy like a piñata instead. A thoughtful option which may make the game more suitable to a wider audience.

Image courtesy Freelives

As of December, Gorn developer Freelives confirmed that the Early Access title has already garnered over 50,000 sales; SteamSpy data suggests the game may have picked up another 10k to 20k units since then. The game is currently on sale for 25% off through February 26th.

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The studio has previously said they expect Gorn to be in early access for up to one year, which would put a prospective 1.0 launch of the game sometime around July of this year.

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  • Flamerate1

    Welp. Time to waste another 10 hours on this game.

    Also, I would love to watch a montage of someone using the great sword with some random anime song in the background.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    I would like to see some barbarian chicks in bikini with bouncy giant tits and fight some giant snakes for bonus.

  • Blackfire1

    Pinata mode has been in since the day 2 patch.