Greenlight VR’s second industry report is co-authored with leading VR news site, Road to VR, and provides industry forecasts, analysis, and best practices.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 15, 2016 – Greenlight VR and Road to VR today unveil plans to publish the 2016 VIRTUAL REALITY INDUSTRY REPORT, the 2nd edition of Greenlight VR’s annual report providing a comprehensive perspective on the virtual reality industry. As the industry’s dedicated business intelligence firm, Greenlight VR collects data on thousands of companies, consumers, and executive attitudes to assemble the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge graph.


Clifton Dawson,  Founder of Greenlight VR
Clifton Dawson, Founder of Greenlight VR

“Over the last year, we’ve witnessed unparalleled growth in the size and structure of the virtual reality industry as new global corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors seek to to capitalize on the interest in virtual reality,” says Clifton Dawson, CEO of Greenlight VR. “Moving forward, the challenge for companies planning to build sustainable businesses will be making decisions today that have impact in years to come. Actionable insights based on real data and critical analysis will be the key to helping businesses of all sizes make smarter decisions.”

Ben Lang, Executive Editor at Road to VR
Ben Lang, Executive Editor at Road to VR

“2016 will be a foundational year as numerous VR devices are on the cusp of going mainstream. Understanding the current technologies, investment activity, and consumer perceptions and behaviors is critical to help inform strategic decisions this year and beyond, says Ben Lang, Co-founder & Executive Editor of Road to VR. “The 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report will push the industry forward with insightful and practical thought-leadership.”

Last year’s Virtual Reality Industry Report was purchased by some of the world’s most innovative organizations, including Google, Sony, Intel, CCP Games, Rothenberg Ventures, Singularity University, and hundreds of companies worldwide. Don’t wait to pre-order your copy today!

About Greenlight VR

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Greenlight VR is the industry leader in business intelligence for the global virtual reality economy. Fortune 100 brands, global technology companies, and leading venture capital investors use its tools, models and insights to make better strategic decisions. The company tracks more virtual reality companies than any other market data company – to date, over 1 million data points on thousands of companies.

Greenlight VR is a privately held company based in San Francisco, California. For more information, and to stay up to date on Greenlight VR news, visit and follow @GreenlightVR on Twitter.

About Road to VR

Founded in 2011, Road to VR is the world’s largest independent news publication dedicated to the consumer virtual reality industry. We explore the bleeding edge of virtual reality, augmented reality, and human-computer interaction. We’re charting the course between today’s immersive technology and that of the distant future, capable of perfect simulations of reality.

You can learn more about Road to VR by visiting and follow @RtoVR on Twitter.

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