Co-op VR Shooter ‘Gunheart’ Launches in Early Access, From Minds Behind ‘Gears of War’ and ‘Halo’


Gunheart, Drifter Entertainment’s co-op VR shooter, launches today in Early Access on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

In Gunheart, you step into the shoes of a robotic bounty hunter looking for cash, something you can grab throughout each level as you squash alien bugs. But the key isn’t just shooting everything that moves and hoping for the best though (well, that’s a big part of it), because working as a team gets you special abilities to go along with an array of futuristic weapons.

Built by ex-Bungie & Epic developers, who worked on Gears
of War and Halo franchises, Gunheart promises hours of bug-infested battles via the procedurally ‘remixed’ levels, something the developers say makes the bounties feel different every time you play. Another ‘remixing’ element also affects the number of alien combatants in your way between you and the end of the over kilometer-long level. The more players drop into the mission, the harder it’ll be to get to the end.

‘Gunheart’ on Steam

Locomotion is possible via teleportation or ‘strafing’ which can quickly let you slide across the field in any direction. A number of options are available, but mission maps are designed around teleportation (hopping from platform to platform), so you’ll probably end up using a mix of both. Check out this video for a full overview of the game’s locomotion system.

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  • Bartholomew
  • burzum

    Teleport…, I’m out. :(

    • Piotr Wojtan

      It got both: teleport and strafe. Watch videos on YouTube at “Tested”. They been talking a lot about it.

      • Mane Vr

        It’s both teleporting and walking with snap turns… i am waiting for them to add smooth turning

        • Tyriel

          there is the option for free turning in the menu’

          • Mane Vr

            That a bit tricky cause it not smooth rotation.. from what they told me it like u turn ur head and then it snap to where u stop turning it doesn’t really make sense i told them the wording will get them in trouble with those who enjoy smooth turning. And that they should call it something else and add smooth rotation.. they said they will look into that but only after they release the game

  • Andrew Jakobs

    hmmm.. teleport and strafe? hope this is not a player vs player shooter too, as that would really just suck.. But looking at the video (including the test video) it’s only something I would like for coop or single player, but not really fan of the teleporting..

    • Mane Vr

      It’s not PvP it’s a coop game

      • Tyriel

        it is pvp too

    • Raphael

      It’s the ugliest and most disruptive form of teleporting as well – Blink.

  • GigaSora

    I wish there were more VR shooters.

  • econik

    How the hell do you turn down the volume in that video player? Certainly, that service is smart enough to include a volume bar because that would be incredible STUPID if it doesn’t.