Watch 19 Minutes of New ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Gameplay Footage & Trailers


The first Half-Life: Alyx gameplay footage was released today by IGN and Valve in the form of three gameplay trailers and a nine minute stretch of gameplay footage. This is the best look yet at how Valve’s first full fledged VR game will play.

Half-Life: Alyx is set to launch on March 23rd, just three weeks from today. We’ve been patiently waiting on getting a real glimpse of the gameplay and today Valve has delivered. Via IGN there’s 19 minutes of new footage to sink your teeth into right here:

Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Trailer #1

This trailer gives a glimpse of the headcrab zombies and the kind of slower paced combat that these enemies will bring to the table. We also see the ‘grab and pull’ mechanic for nearby objects which is a sort of gestural tweak to the typical ‘force pull’ seen in many other VR games. We also get a look at the upgrade stations which the player will use throughout the course of the game to improve their weapons.

Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Trailer #2

This trailer reveals one of several ‘hacking puzzles’ that players will encounter, as well as a small environmental puzzle where you need to quickly grab a grenade-like object from a tentacle and then throw it through a window above a door to blow the door open from the other side. We also see the the player needing to find a battery-like object which activates a lift.

Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Trailer #3

Compared to the other gameplay footage, this one shows high-action combat, revealing how the pace of Half-Life: Alyx will vary between puzzles, slower combat with zombies, and faster paced combat against Combine troops.

Here we see a later stage of the game where the player’s weapons have seen several upgrades, including an automatic reloading mechanism on the shotgun and a grenade-launching ability. We also see how the game’s environmental interactivity plays an important role in the pacing of combat (like when the player opens a car door for cover or lifts the lid on the toilet to find a health syringe).

Nine Minutes of Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay

This Half-Life: Alyx gameplay footage shows more headcrab zombie combat and the crafting machine at work. Players will find ‘resin’ throughout the environment which will act as a crafting currency. In this video the player upgrades their pistol with a scope, but we’ve also seen (in Trailer #3 above) that other weapons will be able to be upgraded as well. We also see another ‘hacking puzzle’ where the player must move a node to make several lines intersect other nodes.

The video further shows two different locomotion schemes; the first half being teleportation while the latter half shows smooth locomotion (hand-relative and head-relative options are visible).

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  • martin

    looks incredible.
    kinda has a 90s sci-fi tv show vibe. and seems like Alyx’s voice has a lighter tone to it than the previous games. my memory could be betraying me.

    • Azreal42

      Yep, It look great ! I was a little worried, and i am relieved now. It has everything to be a hit.
      And yes the Alyx voice isn’t the original one.

  • MatBrady

    When I first saw the teleporting I was genuinely underwhelmed, but as soon as the locomotion was turned on I thought: Wow! This is it. This is the game VR has been waiting for.

    I kinda don’t want to see anymore until I play the actual game though…

    Love the gun sight mod (ALA Farpoint). Love the graphics!! How are they able to have such awesome graphics when even Stormland had to cut so many corners. It makes me wonder what the specs of the machine they were running it on were.

    Seriously can’t wait for my Index now. Valve is back.

  • Alx

    Welcome to a historical gaming moment.
    this will be recounted for decades to come. I cannot wait. In fact, I may do the unthinkable and take the 20th,21st and 22nd off and savior every moment in detail. :)

  • MatBrady

    I think you guys missed a FOURTH gameplay video… straight from Valve’s YouTube page:

    Valve. They hate threes…

  • MatBrady

    Over at Valve’s own YouTube page they have the same videos, but without the obnoxious IGN promotions on them. Much preferred. Go there:

    • fdsafd

      Thanks man! Fuck IGN and the videogame cartel.

  • fdsafd

    Im just disappointed I probably won’t be able to get an Index in time for launch because of corona virus. Mother Nature balancing the planet is getting in the way of my entertainment.

    • Immersive Computing

      There will also be a number of Index owners unable to play because of waiting on replacement left Index controllers, the coronavirus is impacting production for many Chinese factories including valve’s ODM partner.

      • Eddo

        Can u tell us the source of that info?

        I asked Steam Support regarding that matter for my RMA on the right controller, they told me:


        The replacement process for your controller will not be delayed.

        • Immersive Computing

          Right controller are generally not the problem, the joystick on the left is used for free locomotion and quickly develops drift due to the diminutive sticks being not great quality.

          I’ve had 5 pairs of controllers replaced since launch, and numerous Redditors are waiting on left controller RMA’s with Steam support telling people they are out of stock. I’ve been waiting 5 weeks now for a new tether but that’s another story..

          .coronavirus has impacted factory production no doubt!

          • Eddo

            Then either they lied to me or delays only affect Left controllers?

          • Immersive Computing

            Read my post again, left controllers are being sent in for RMA because the joystick develops drift. Many games use left joystick for locomotion i.e. Pavlov

          • Eddo

            Why don’t YOU read my post again?

          • Immersive Computing

            What are we arguing about here?

            They’ve run out of left controllers because many people have defective ones because of joystick drift.

            This hasn’t been the case with the right controller. Yours is getting replaced because they still have stock of right controllers.

          • Eddo

            And that’s exactly what I said xD
            Let’s it go.

  • Zerofool

    I’m really excited (no change from before, just solidified my opinion). I can’t wait to try the Alyx-derived SteamVR environments that drop on Wednesday!

    The only disappointing element for me from the videos was the background music, especially during combat (the 3rd video). It can’t compare to the classics from HL 1, 2 and the episodes. But I may get used to it, or it’s just a single weak track… But hey, I’m approaching the age where you mostly dislike everything new and cling to the stuff from your youth, so this may have something to do with it :D

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I think valve is really getting behind vr like facebook did buying oculus.Valve could of played it safe and released a non vr version to secure revenue.As hello games did with nms.But I think not only will alyx be the biggest selling vr game surpassing nms it will be the biggest selling game of 2020.

    • mirak

      No it will not.
      There is not enough vr headsets.

      • Raphael

        So you think the only people buying Alyx are people who own or want to own index?

        • Monkey

          I’m buying it. I have a Rift.

          • Raphael

            I’m buying it. I have a Vive.

        • mirak

          Where do I talk about Index ?

          • Raphael

            “beat all the games”? What are you 5 years old? Who said it was supposed to “beat all the games”? It’s the next chapter in the HL universe and it runs exclusively on VR. It’s not supposed to “beat all games”. That’s like saying one movie will beat every other movie. It’s a nonsensical stupid argument.

            If you don’t have VR then there are lots of other games for you. You will be exluding yourself from HL alyx I guess if you don’t have VR. That’s your choice. The proportion of VR versus non-VR users is irrelevant. Another useless irrational, illogical argument. It’s like saying HOTAS controls are pointless or unimportant because only a small percentage of PC users use them.

    • Raphael

      NMS is difficult to estimate because it was a flat earth for most of the time. I agree though that HL Alyx should outsell NMS for VR users. Sales don’t just depend on availability of Index, The game runs on all of the other VR hardware. The idea some people have that Alyx sales depend entirely on Index availability is just dumb.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    If hl1 is still a game done excellent by today’s standards.Then alyx will be a game ahead of its time by vr standards.

  • JesperL

    Its just awesome! Can’t wait

  • Gonzax

    Even the first minutes with teleport (and I’m a big teleport hater) I thought it was fantastic. When they switch to full locomotion and I see how fluid, fast and well done it is I knew this was going to be GOTY and a system seller.

  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Yay! Teleportation! Woohoo!

    Only joking!

    m+kb > vr

    @The Future: Before you do it, I’d like to thank the modder that mods HL:A to run without vr. Thanks, from all pc gamers!

    • Monkey

      Yay! I actually read the article and watch the videos and know there are multiple movement options! Woohoo!

      vr > m+kb for vr based games.
      Beat Sabre with m+kb would suck!

      Let the VR games be VR and the m+kb games be m+kb, after all there are enough of them.

      • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

        WASD = The only way to move in a game.

        Who the hell wants to strap a grand to their face just to play a game?

        Apart from those in the industry?

        • Monkey

          VR can make a game much more immersive.
          So, yes it ‘can’ make a game better.
          If a game is crap…. not being in VR won’t save it either (that was a really weird non-point btw).

          Personally, I find fast paced, multiplayer shooters better with M+KB, but for games with a story to tell, VR wins hands down.

          The mouse is what makes M+KB so good, because it is so responsive and quick.
          However, WASD is not really that great. There is no analogue control to it which means you loose a lot of subtle control and it is not accurate (you have to compensate with the mouse).
          Yes, it’s great for twitch based shooters because of it’s speed, but that is about it.

          “Who the hell wants to strap a grand to their face just to play a game?”

          “Who the hell wants to pay a grand just to watch grown men kick a ball?”
          “Who the hell wants to pay 22 grand on a car just to drive around?”
          People with enjoy it and have the money! Stupid question.

          Anyway, there are plenty of cheaper options out there. If you have a PC capable of playing games at a decent quality you only need to spend a few hundred for a headset that would work.

  • Ratm

    Another one close world game that you can only go there, do that , see only this far..designed for low resolution headsets,i was hoping for half life, not time crysis 2020 vr.

    • Monkey

      Half Life has never been an open world game… and you are judging it based on a demo video, that feels like it is near the start of the game.

      • Ratm

        Well if you had enjoyed the half life series back then it would made you sad to see a stricted game like that using the half life name . I don’t even believe that the old hl team has anything to do with this game.
        Mappet? Dunno..But i m not another lemming.

        • Monkey

          I did enjoy it back then. I was a kid when it came out and did my first PC upgrade so that I could play it better.
          Personally, I am really happy about this game.
          In my mind, it’s better to have something than nothing.

          From reading the recent interviews ‘this’ game has helped inspire Valve to want to get back into the HL universe and so we are now nearer to getting a non-VR HL3 than we have ever been. Thanks to ‘this’ game.
          I can’t really see why any HL fan would be upset about that, even if they can’t / won’t play this instalment.

          As for the team, they have over 80 people working on it, some of which ‘did’ work on the original HL. It would be a bit silly to expect the same team after 20 years.
          Either way that would have been the same with a non-VR version, so a bit of a weird argument.

          But, it’s fine for you to have your own opinion.
          I’m not going to try to change that.

          I just wanted to point out that your expectation of an open world was wrong for a HL game and your assumption that this was designed for low res headsets was also wrong.

  • OMG these gameplay videos are so beautiful! It will be surely a fantastic game, I can’t wait to play it!