Windlands 2 (2018), Psytec Games’ sequel to their high-flying, first-person platformer adventure, is now available on Oculus Rift.

Armed with two grappling hooks and an energy bow, you battle titanic robots and swing your way through a fallen world—a bit like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man would if the only thing your webs could stick to were tree branches. That’s the short of it at least.

Boasting online co-op with up to three other people, you can either attack the world’s gigantic bosses together, or all on your lonesome if you please. It’s a bit of a tonal change from its solitary zen-like predecessor, but if you liked the original Windlands (2016), this marks your next chance to jump back into a world with a whole new set of difficult parkour maps to explore.

‘Windlands 2’on Oculus Store

You’ll be treated to a few new bits too, including a genuine story replete with NPCs, some difficult fetch quests, multiplayer races, and combat-focused gameplay that’s poised to set the stage for a series of Windlands titles.

We went in for the deep dive with Windlands 2, so check why we gave it a solid [8/10].

The game is considered a timed exclusive on Rift. Both PSVR and HTC Vive versions should be headed to their respective platforms, which the Psytec Games says should happen sometime in 2019.

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  • Firestorm185

    Hey roadtovr guys, might want to let your viewers know, right now if you already own Windlands 1 in Home and you purchase Windlands 2 through the Windlands bundle, it takes like 2.20 off the price of the second game. ^^