IO Interactive today announced that Hitman 3 (2021) is finally getting PC VR support, coming just in time for the game’s one-year anniversary.

Hitman 3 has been available across consoles and PC for almost a year now, offering VR support exclusively through PlayStation consoles—meaning only PSVR users could play.

Now in a Year 2 promo video for the game, the studio says PC VR players will finally get a crack at the action. IO Interactive says more details will follow, including technical specs and supported platforms which will be revealed on 20 January 2022, so we’re sure to learn more then.

In the video, the studio showed both Valve Index and Meta Rift S. Although the inclusion of Rift S may point to dedicated Meta platform release, most likely this means PC versions of the game will receive SteamVR support via a free update.

Image courtesy IO Interactive

Notably, the PSVR version doesn’t support PS Move, and although that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon, the video shows both Index and Rift S users immersing themselves in the game’s detailed world using their respective motions controllers. PSVR users play via gamepad, albeit spatially tracked to add an immersive edge to shooting and garrote-wiring enemies.

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Other features said to arrive to the game in 2022 include ray tracing support on PC, a new game mode called ‘Elusive Target Arcade’, and something IO Interactive is calling “a major update to the game” for Spring 2022.

The studio promises post-launch support “for another 12 months” which includes new maps, storylines, modes and ways to play. Again, we’ll be all eyes and ears on the studio’s dedicated Hitman YouTube channel on January 20th, 2022.

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  • 3872Orcs

    Looking forward to dumping a massive amount of bodies in one spot!

  • johann jensson

    Interesting… A game that i didn’t care about previously, suddenly becomes attractive. I’m curious how much time will pass, until other game developers and publishers wake up.

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  • Ad

    This could be one of the best games in VR on release. I hope it’s a good implementation.

    • Geogaddi

      I can’t imagine it will be anything but great.

      The PSVR version, from what I’ve heard, is amazing apart from the fact that its blurry (always the case with PSVR). has a lot of pop-in, and some motion controls in the game are badly implemented (using your gamepad like a motion controller for shooting…ugh).

      All of this should be easily fixed on the PCVR version with better hardware and proper motion controls.

      • Ad

        Controls are not simple to add to a port, so we’ll see.