Hitman 3 is slated to release on consoles and PC on January 20th, however the only version getting VR support for now is on the PS4/PS5 platforms. To get the hype train moving, developers IO Interactive just gave us another peek at the upcoming first-person PSVR mode in a new video.

Note: The new video is age-restricted, so it can only be viewed on YouTube. Check it out here.

We haven’t gone hands-on yet, and we’re looking to have our review out at launch. You can be sure we’ll put the game through its paces.

There is at least one issue that will be interesting to confront in our full review, and it could hamper immersion. Although the game is slated to include a massive amount of interactable items and weapons, and first-person gun-wielding and hand-to-hand combat, unfortunately the game only supports gamepads. Aiming and interacting with objects is done with a DualShock 4 controller—not DualSense and not PS Move.

Whatever the case, Hitman 3 lets you play the full trilogy in VR as well as sandbox missions for standalone fun. We’ll be primarily interested to see whether gameplay translates well enough to feel like a proper VR game that you would chose to play all the way through, and not simply a glorified VR mode.

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  • Jorge Gustavo

    No VR in PC? Not buying.

  • TechPassion

    No PC VR = no buy. Let the developers play their own flat screen game.

  • CampofMusic Gaming

    Wow this is the Biggest False advertise Trailer I saw on a VR Trailer ever, even worst than Population One with downgraded graphic on pc because:

    This Trailer CLEARLY shows controllers that can move freely, DualShock 4 Controller CAN NOT mimic this motions, that means only Move Controller can mimic this motions , but the company and even this article stating the game uses only DualShock 4 Controller.

    Basically BAD Advertise to get Extra Cash,
    and more likely that the game not gonna look that great on a old hardware like the PS4, so many NPC even the original game is struggling to get 60fps so think that this game needs to run at least above it to not get sick.

    their engine is not best, but maybe just maybe the they could release it with zero issues.

    • Wild Dog

      You’re right, it looks like motion controller based gameplay.

      • namekuseijin

        ds4 are fully motion tracked by the camera. Never played Moss, Astro Bot or Farpoint with them?

        • Wild Dog

          Wait, I tried that rick and morty VR thing at a demo and the controller wasn’t motion tracked.

    • I was exactly telling this. But I mean, someone says that it actually be that it will support in the future PSVR2+new controllers, and this would explain the initial support only for gamepad and the video shot with the controllers

      • Caven

        I don’t think the video was shot with Move-style controllers. Note that in most of the trailer, only one hand was visible and moving. Nobody with a pair of motion controllers would spend so much time playing with just one hand in view.

        In the relatively few cases where they showed two hands, it was either situations that could use canned animations (climbing ladders), or situations where the secondary hand could just follow what the primary hand would be doing (holding a newspaper, holding a two-handed weapon, etc.).

        I’m pretty sure the trailer gameplay was done with a gamepad. It would be quite similar to a typical FPS game, where a player uses one hand to aim a weapon, but the weapon model can still have two hands on the weapon that animate separately based on context. If Hitman 3 had support for a pair of motion controllers, I would have expected to see gameplay show that off. For instance, why push a door open with a hand holding a meat cleaver, when the other hand could be used to open the door?

    • Amni3D

      The DS4 can mimic these motions since it has positional tracking capabilities for a single hand. It’s a seated experience with positional interactions, make of that as you will. PSVR users are usually fine with seated games, meanwhile on PC and Quest people insist “this game shouldn’t exist”.

      Also, this is a trailer for a game on PS4 and PS5. Of course they’re showing the best version of the game. It’ll look worse on base PS4, but most people in the VR scene can somehow stomach Quest visuals.. As long as they’re making use of base PS4 hardware and PS5 hardware to its max potential, I’m not complaining *too* much.

      I’ll play it. Game design wise, no one’s even trying what Hitman is doing.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    I just hope it will get a PCVR release in the near future.

  • O K

    Such a embarrassing trailer! I really start wondering what is going on in the last couple of months. Looks like some companies get in panic mode! I really hate that companies give SONY exclusivity for some games instead of selling to everybody. They must pay massive to get them to keep VR exclusive for the stupid PS4/5 kids! NO VR = NO BUY!

  • I don’t know Rick, that videos is shot with VR controllers to me

  • Jesu5@veS

    I saw it advertised as the full trilogy available in vr and at least the 3rd with motion controls. They may mean the motion control option on the ps4 controller. I wanted to buy a ps4 and psvr for this release. Hopefully a mod will come available to make it pcvr available.The Lord Jesus my Savior,said to wait before buying a entire rig for that single game.

    • namekuseijin

      you wouldn’t buy it for a single game, you’d be surprised by how many good exclusives there are on psvr, including: Resident Evil 7, Blood and Truth, Astro Bot, Wipeout Omega Collection, Farpoint, Firewall Zero Hour etc. let alone most of the popular pcvr and Quest games out there…

      now, the tech is outdated and the controls suck, but the library is not a weak spot of psvr

  • Zachary Scott Dickerson

    Looks good, hope they bring it to index/PC.