‘Hover Junkers’ Pre-order Now Available on Indiegogo


Hover Junkers is a multi-player first-person shooter set aboard customizable hovercrafts, and if you’ve followed any of Stress Level Zero‘s recent video updates, you’ve seen just how cool it looks. Hover Junker superfans can now pre-order through the studio’s Indiegogo campaign, which is set up so community can show their support at multiple funding levels.

Stress Level Zero has been sending out near-weekly updates for the past 8 months showing step-by-step progress of multiplayer integration, implementation of realistic gun reloading actions, and showing prospective Junkers just how to salvage and retrofit their post-apocalyptic hovercraft with bullet-proof barriers, aka ‘junk’.

HoverJunkers Menu Stress Level Zero

The devs have now hit the homestretch by officially announcing pre-orders of their built-for-VR game, which starts at $35 for Steam keys slated to deliver in March of 2016—right before the HTC Vive consumer model launches.

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Hover Junkers will be compatible with both HTC Vive upon release, and Oculus Rift when Touch is released later this year, as it works exclusively with VR motion controllers.

Although the full game will also be available for $35 on Steam when it launches, the developers say the decision to take pre-orders on Indiegogo, the popular crowdfunding site, was a way to offer the community an additional way to support its further development via their higher-priced funding tiers.

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Pre-order ‘Hover Junkers’ via Indiegogo

Basic Backer Tiers

Basic Junker – $35Hover Junkers Steam code. Name on the Settlers Monument in game. Within weeks of the campaign ending you’ll receive a Steam key for Hover Junkers. Play immediately with the Vive Pre, the HTC Vive in April, or Oculus Touch in Q3/Q4 2016!

Deluxe Junker – $55Hover Junkers Steam code. Name on the Settlers Monument immortalizing you in game. Original Soundtrack digital download. Digital Development Scrapbook featuring concept art, photos, and the development story; get an insider look at VR creation.

Junk Hunter – $125 – (All the above) plus, a package crammed full of swag delivered to your door. Hover Junkers t-shirt, Stress Level Zero t-shirt, Hover Junkers poster, stickers and more surprises.

Junk Master – $275 – (All the above) plus both t-shirts and poster signed by the team, your name and special backstory as an NPC in Single Player (hopefully you make it to the new world in one piece!), and an invitation to schedule a studio visit.

See campaign for additional funding tiers.

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  • I still remember Brandon from Freddie Wong and Rocket Jump. It’s crazy to see how he’s progressed to make one the first fully featured indie games for Virtual Reality. Hats off to him and his team.