Got an incredible idea, related to virtual reality you know that, if only you had the chance to tell someone, would wow the VR industry? At the SVVR Conference and Expo 2015, they’re giving you that chance; 3 minutes to convince a panel of industry professionals and venture capitalists that you and your idea have what it takes. Here’s how to make the most of that time.

SVVR is inbound next week and we’ve already highlighted the packed schedule awaiting attendees at the San Jose Convention Centre, CA on May 18-19. But, as an industry filled with shiny new startups packed with burning new ideas, we thought that there’s one session in particular our budding entrepreneur readers might like to know more about, the Pitch Sessions.

Dylan Flinn, Investment Professional at Rothenberg Ventures
Dylan Flinn, Investment Professional at Rothenberg Ventures

Given 2-3 minutes ‘stage time’, selected entrepreneurs will have to distill and convey their fantastic virtual reality concept to a panel of judges made up of industry professionals and venture capitalists keen to find the next big thing. You’ll be allowed slides, but it’s down to the pitcher to sell the idea in the tiny time allotted. So how can you best make user of that 180 second window of opportunity? We asked Dylan Flinn, an Investment Professional with venture capital firm Rothenberg Ventures who are sponsoring the session, to offer up some advice.

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Road to VR: What qualities are RV looking for – either in the developers themselves or the projects?

Flinn: We’re looking for passionate creators that have conviction and the ability to develop and design within the natural constraints and possibilities of Virtual Reality. We’re looking for the applications, games, and software that will encourage early adopters to get out there and purchase an HMD (or two).

We’re looking for experiences that are only possible within the realm of VR and wouldn’t make any sense on mobile, desktop, or any other platform.

Road to VR: What makes this style of quick-pitching effective?

Flinn:  “If I had more time, I would’ve written it shorter.” – Mark Twain

Impressive entrepreneurs have the ability to distil a lot of information in a short amount of time. Explaining something simply to a diverse audience is perhaps one of the most complex tasks of an entrepreneur.

These constraints (time and knowledge of your audience) force you to focus on what matters. We believe that what matters in this scenario is:

  1. What problem you’re solving and why it matters
  2. Why now?
  3. Why you?
  4. What have you already done? (this is where you prove that you can do a lot with a little)
  5. What are you going to accomplish next?

Road to VR: Any tips you might give to developers hoping to pitch at SVVR 2015?

Flinn: Don’t worry about trying to squeeze your entire story into 2 minutes. Worry about focusing on the 3 or 4 things that matter most and really drive those home.

Don’t just present information, tell a story.

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How you say it matters just as much as what you say. Have confidence, be convincing, and show that you really care. Get out of your comfort zone.

Don’t worry too much, if you’re a true entrepreneur, you’ll be pitching hundreds of times to thousands of people, and this is just one.

How do I Get to Pitch My Idea?

There’s obviously a limited amount of time and space at such an event, so those with pitches should send contact details and information related to their pitch to and they’ll let you know if you’ve made the cut prior to the event. Road to VR will be in attendance, hopefully to see how everyone does.

If you’d like to attend the event, you can still grab discounted full-expo tickets by following the instructions here.

Road to VR are proud media sponsors of the 2015 SVVR Conference and Expo.

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