HTC took another step towards launch of its upcoming PC VR headset, Vive Cosmos, by quietly releasing three ‘reveal’ videos featuring some of the system’s claims to fame.

Update (2:00 PM ET): It has been brought to our attention that HTC released the videos via their Facebook page back in June, although they have recently posted them to their YouTube channel.

Thanks to German VR publication for pointing it out.

While it’s positive to see that they’ve locked down the headset and controllers’ design, we’re still no closer to understanding some important details about the headset though—namely price and exact release date—however it could signal that HTC is finally getting ready to let the cat out of the bag.

Moreover, the Cosmos reveal video itself boldly claims “the time had come,” so it’s possible we could be looking at some more substantial info soon.

We’ve listed the videos below, but let’s first talk about some of the important info we already knew:

  • Resolution – 1,440 × 1,700 per-eye (2,880 × 1,700 total), an 88% increase in pixel count over the original Vive at 1,080 × 1,200 per-eye
  • Display type – RGB LCD displays
  • Refresh rate – 90Hz
  • Tracking – 6 inside-out sensors
  • Controllers – optically tracked
  • Audio – integrated, flip-up design
  • Input – USB & DisplayPort, Vive Wireless Adapter, teased connectivity with smartphone
  • Price – below $900 (confirmed by HTC in June)
  • Expected Shipping – Q3 2019 (confirmed by HTC in June), Dev kits heading to developers
Viveport Has Earned a Second Chance Thanks to Infinity

Outside of price and shipping, a few things are still a mystery, namely field of view (FOV), and further details on the system’s inside-out tracking. Although the video at the very bottom does give us an exact weight, 651g (~1.43 pounds). We’ve listed the video description below each video.

Vive Cosmos Reveal

This is the all-new HTC VIVE COSMOS VR kit. Designed with the lightest weight, best-in-class resolution and ready for you.

Vive Cosmos Controllers

Take a peek at the new HTC VIVE COSMOS controllers. The gamer-friendly controls & seamless tracking on the VIVE COSMOS controllers are designed to give you greater control of your VR experience.

Ergonomic Trailer

The all-new HTC VIVE COSMOS is designed to be sleek & comfortable; allowing for longer VR sessions.

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  • Jarilo

    This could be a great head set, fitting in the middle between a Rift-S and Index I can imagine nicely with a lot too offer. However, the time for these incremental teasers is over HTC, it’s time to price it and release it soon.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Soon as they lose the wires and sensors and drop price to 350 I will buy.

    • GunnyNinja

      What sensors?

    • y_m_o

      Inside out tracking for what? 900 smackers? haha not worth it. Much prefer my old lighthouse sensors. HTC haven’t learnt much price wise. Still think the Index is better… customer service too for that matter.

      • Trenix

        The confirmed price is under $900, meaning not $900.

        • y_m_o

          What then, $899.99 lol

          • Trenix

            You seem to be upset with HTC for being above your budget. You know that they intentionally didn’t aim many of their headsets for consumers and were publicly stating that. Honestly maybe that was a good thing, so they can learn without worrying about costs. The cosmos is confirmed to be for consumers. I expect good and improved specs for an affordable price. But we’ll see.

            Vive has been dominating mainstream VR for quite some time as the superior VR headset. They’re slowly losing though, because competitors are releasing newer hardware. I’m sure HTC wont go without a fight. Sorry but I have high hopes. I did hear a lot of customer service problems, maybe they changed, I donno. People who I know that have a HTC Vive headset, never had any problems. They also sweat, hit their controllers against walls, and have dropped the headset. Anyway, what I do know is that the Rift S is a joke and not even an option.

          • Net Shaman

            Had you tested it ?
            If not, how do you know it is a joke then ?
            For owning one , i can tell you , you are completely wrong.
            HTC with its completely flawfull customer service , overpriced devices and mediocre quality constructs is not the best choice imho.

          • Trenix

            As a gamer, I know the importance of refresh rate. Even more so for VR. Even for a monitor, I can’t switch back to the standard 60hz after experiencing 144hz. Any gamer would tell you that. It’s a huge difference and I’m not stupid.

            I’m not going to purchase and use something that I know is garbage inside the box. Oculus also did nothing better than Vive, outside of having better controllers. I actually did try the original Oculus and a few of it’s updates, just not Oculus S.

            I’ll get the Cosmos while you stick with your garbage Oculus replacement. I actually wanted an upgrade.

          • y_m_o

            Upset? not at all. I still use and like my original Vive. HTC always seem the greedy company. Look at the price on the Vive pro. I know vr tech can be pricey to research but look at the Index…. less that £500. No controllers etc but better than the Vive in many ways and the Vive is still pricey for gen1. Those horror stories from people having to deal with HTC aweful customer service bother me. I plan to get my next gear from another company. I really want the knuckles, but keep hearing about QA issues though. I’m glad I waited. I think I’ll keep using my old Vive, get the knuckles at some point and invest in a new headset later. It’s wireless anyway, that’s enough to keep me from upgrading just yet. Still interested though. It’s the FOV on the Index that has kept me from diving in. Unless someone here can elaborate on that issue.

          • Christopher John

            @ y_m_o HTC have been in financial trouble for years losing millions every year, they cant produce products at a loss like Facebook/Oculus can.. Their trying to save the company from going under so they have to make a profit on their HMDS. Do a little more research before calling out greed as the reason. Valve and Oculus have lots of stock piled cash, HTC doesn’t.

          • Trenix

            They made VERY well aware that Vive Pro was for Enterprise, not consumer. Therefore, they were aiming to sell to businesses and not customers. If you can’t understand that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

          • Trenix

            Hilarious childish joke that everyone and their mom already made up.

      • Kim Strand

        699$ release, 599 black friday

      • Steve G

        You only like it because you already bought sensors, for the rest of the population, your looking at $1000 for an Index/Pimax… no thanks

    • Marco Dena

      It will be wireless via adapter device and have no sensors

  • mfx

    mehh.. and the FOV ?
    That’s incredible to try to sell something and hiding the main specs !

    • TJ Studio

      Why do you care about FOV so much? Is FOV all care about your VR hardware or something?

      • ale bro

        FOV is where it’s at these days – not everyone wants to play only Beat Saber where FOV doesn’t matter

      • 144Hz

        because a wide field of view makes the experience more immersive. Some of us are tired of the tunnel vision.

      • Santiago Draco

        While it’s possible this is an honest question I find it hard to believe.
        That’s like saying “why do you care about gas mileage” or “why do you care about the cooling capacity of your air conditioner”.

      • adasd

        im tired of my scuba mask. I feel like in a few years when i show the original vive to my kids or something theyll all laugh and be so confused as to why we would even attempt to use something so restricting and heavy. Its going to be great!

    • Bob

      Lenses appear to be exactly the same as the Vive and Vive Pro so expect similar FOV.

      • Jarilo

        Well then 1700 vertical pixel res may be a hint at a larger Vertical FOV perhaps.

      • sfmike

        And f**king god rays.

      • Rogue Transfer

        The lenses were stated as redesigned, but the shape & size does look very similar.

  • Trenix

    Looking very good, not sure if I should get this or the Index. Tough call.

  • homey kenobi

    wow im impressed. i want one now how much canadian?

  • Trenix

    So it looks like they have one more sensor than the Rift S and a higher refresh rate. They care about comfort and people who wear glasses. As for the resolution, it’s BETTER than the Index, making it be far superior than the Rift S. I heard you can hook up knuckles with base stations with mixed reality headsets, something I might do later on. The controllers also look very similar to Oculus’ so it’s not bad at all.

    Honestly Facebook is going to get wiped off of the market in regards to PC VR. I’m not all too excited about inside out tracking, but the more cameras, the better and currently I have limited space. I seriously am considering picking this up, especially since it’s going to be under $900. Vive also never had an issue with god rays very much unlike the Oculus, so I trust them with it.

    • Zantetsu

      Vive has an issue with god rays. Maybe not as bad as the original Rift, but my Vive and Vive Pro both have noticeable fresnel ringing (the equivalent of god rays — light scattering artifacts caused by fresnel lenses). This issue is common knowledge.

      HTC has a lot of bad will in the consumer VR industry (at least in the west, not sure how they are perceived in the east), I don’t think they can surmount it with an uninventive new headset like this one.

      • Trenix

        I said that they didn’t have an issue, sure God rays were there, but there were mostly unnoticeable unless you actually tried to look for it. I can only assume you’re some Facebook fan, because you’re really trying to make it seem like Vive’s god rays were actually a problem, what a joke. Vive was the leader in unnoticeable god rays for quite some time. Vive was also the standard in high quality VR.

        Failing to acknowledge this just makes you look like a fool, I don’t even have to bother doing it.

        • Zantetsu

          Well, you’re wrong; they are there and they are noticeable. Vive lenses are one of the weakest aspects of the headset and HTC has not done anything to improve them in three years. It’s one of the reasons that HTC deservedly has a poor reputation among consumers.

  • Rudl Za Vedno

    No announced HMD is good enough. Reverb has some potential, everything else is meh.

    • Bob

      The only thing going for the HP Reverb is it’s display panel. Remove that and everything else about it is “meh”.

      • kuhpunkt


        • Peter K

          I don’t think he got his grammar wrong mate.

          • kuhpunkt

            “HP Reverb is it’s display panel”

            It’s “its panel.”

          • Peter K

            ah shit, i think he edited it

        • Bob

          Thanks! Corrected :)

          • kuhpunkt

            Thank you.

  • grindathotte .

    No mention of adjustable eye-to-lens distance. This is a key feature of the Index that allows people to actually experience the FOV, normally you are missing a huge amount of the periphery of the displays.

  • PJ

    The pixel count, and for me most importantly the ability to use the Vive’s wireless adapter makes this a VERY interesting headset..

    I’ve itching to ditch my CV1, but wasn’t sure what too, looking forward to seeing the price

  • KennethX78

    This is is going to be the best headset out there, unless they went with cheap displays with bad color/contrast/black levels. I really hope they aim high i that regard. I rather pay 899 for a perfect headset than 599 for something where they cut corners to get the price low. There´s been enough of that going around.

    • Mike

      “unless they went with cheap displays with bad color/contrast/black levels or something”
      They did. This was announced like a month ago.

      • Rogue Transfer

        Not cheap displays though – they look like they are the made-for-VR, 651 PPI by Japan Display(a venture by Sony, Hitachi & Toshibi). Still LCD though, so black levels are likely not ideal, but color/contrast, we’ll need to wait and hear(HP Reverb’s LCD panels have been reported as “surprisingly saturated” colors – RoadToVR).

        • Mike

          Right, probably not cheap – other than having the issues of LCD and not having an SDE filter, they’re good.

          Hmm, contrast and black levels go hand-in-hand – you can’t have good contrast without good black levels, unless maybe if the screens were so bright they were blinding – but that’s impossible, especially for LCD.

    • FalconLX 911

      Agreed Kenneth, I am so disappointed with this 1.5 wave. The quest is for main stream, the rift-s misses the mark for online fps. And the index is the biggest disappointment of them all. Glare and controller issues are deal-breakers

  • mepy

    When will HTC release a Vive Pro 2 with better resolution is what I’m asking.

  • liquidblueocean

    This article says it uses Display Port but one of the vids from HTC shows HDMI being plugged in. Is this article right?

  • Mr. Goldfinger

    Just like the tunnel vision of their VR headsets, Vive has a tunnel vision of its own. They make no attempt to improve the FOV despite it being one of the biggest complaints from the consumer market. I would pay twice for a headset that does not make me feel like I’m wearing goggles. In the meantime, I will not purchase these versions. And please don’t bring up the Pimax attempt at larger FOV. That was a disaster.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Maybe that Pimax disaster, as you call it, is an example why HTC and other manufacturers still haven’t released a very high FOV version, because at the moment there are too many problems which still needs to be fixed.

  • Steve G

    Seems no one can match the HP Reverb resolutions… Everything else about it looks incredibly good – I prefer inside out tracking

  • Cosmo isn’t important, in and of itself. It’s important for what it marks. It’s a headset built on a spec, a spec that could be in the hands of every low-cost electronics manufacturer on the planet if it works well and is successful. Cosmo is the proving grounds for Qualcomm’s huge push into VR, for both mobile and PC. If they’ve finally gotten in right (and this is the third iteration I’m aware of), it’ll be the foundation for a massive open-VR push that might finally reach critical mass. Cheap, solid VR gear for the masses.

    I’m VERY interested to see how well it pans out. Microsoft already tried the same thing with their Windows Mixed Reality platform with “mixed” results. The enthusiasts didn’t care for it’s tracking and it wasn’t promoted very well to the casual users. At the time there was little VR content. This is better hardware and interest in VR has continued to build since WMR’s release. This could be HUGE.

  • Ratm

    The design is bad,those curves just screem we added weight so your head can look like a porce.

  • Jason Mercieca

    its stated that the controllers are tracked optically (cameras i suppose), so then when you move your hand to your back then you will loose tracking ?? if so they should have stayed with the lighthouses that has proven to be the best form of tracking…
    if im wrong please advice, thanks…