HTC today confirmed worldwide pricing for the SteamVR powered Vive VR headset, due to go up for pre-order tomorrow (29th Feb). They also announced that those pre-orders would receive Google’s virtual reality, paint application Tilt Brush in addition to the two announced pack-in titles Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption.

Google’s Tilt Brush, originally developed by Skillman & Hackett, was one of the most unlikely sounding titles to join the flood of hype which flowed from HTC Vive’s inaugural demos at GDC 2015. It was a painting program, but one built for use in VR, complete with fluid motion controls and tweaked for room-scale VR. On the face of it, nothing likely to set the pulse racing, especially when placed next to more obvious targets like Aperture Robot Repair, set in Valve’s Portal universe. And yet, the intuitive and occasionally sublime VR painting title has received constant and sustained positivity since it appeared and has become very much associated with the SteamVR experience.

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So it’s good to see HTC announce today that, when you pre-order your HTC Vive tomorrow (worldwide prices now officially confirmed by the way), along with Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives and Northway Games’ Fantastic Contraption, you’ll also receive a copy of Google’s Tilt Brush. Quite an eclectic bundle of games, but all of them excellent demonstrations of the HTC Vive’s SteamVR controllers capabilities. Tilt Brush however may have broad enough appeal to attract those uninterested in gaming to the VR fold to become the Wii Tennis or Brain Training of the consumer VR revolution.

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  • Steve Biegun

    I’m glad, but let’s be honest – paying $800 for a system and getting a program for free means that program really isn’t free.

    • Peter

      It is when the next batch of people buys it of the shelf for the same price yet doesnt get tilt brush.

      But it doesnt have that free “feel” to it I agree.

      • Sky Castle

        lol yeah, people crack me up sometimes with their illogical thinking. I don’t think they know what free really means.

    • marklola12 .

      well lets be honest tild brush would be really cheap to buy when they sell it anyway, I cant imagine it being more then £8.99 its only a drawing app wether its VR or not lol so getting it free when your spending £700 on the headset means nothing lol

  • Sky Castle

    This may sound stupid, but Tilt brush is the very reason I’m pre-ordering the Vive and not because of any games they have for it. I already pre-ordered the Rift but it won’t be playable until the Touch controllers are out and I can’t wait that long.

  • Jean Thompson

    Sweeeet#!! I just pre-ordered mine!!!!!

  • Pierre Chamli

    Do you know if its possible to play like, GTA 5 or no mans sky/elite dangerous with HTC VIVE ? even though iknow it would be with keyboard and mouse.. i mostly want to know if i can play more normal pc games with that head gear. even if i wont be able to maby MOVE my head in game, Could i at least “SEE” the computer screen weiv From the VIVEs? <3 <3

    • J.

      The Vive supports ‘room scale’, standing and seated experiences. It also supports mouse and keyboard, joypad controller and the Vive wireless controllers as input devices.

      So if a game allows for VR, then you’ll be able to use it with the Vive – including GTA: V.