The HYC ‘Vive’ VR headset which has just been announced at MWC a short while ago, will be available in developer kit form.

The HTC ‘VR’ Vive website has now launched and includes a signup button, teasing the ability for developers to register to get their hands on early hardware in Spring this year.


The lead time for the unit seems long and hardly gives new developers much time to get to grips with hardware in time for the traditional retail crunch at Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see how many developers have had access to early hardware and how far along software is right now.

We’re likely to find out much more about Steam VR, the HTC ‘Vive’ and hear from a raft of developers involved with the project next week at GDC 2015. We’ll be on the ground sending you the latest all week.


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  • Pessimistic observer

    Considering how soft the steam machine launch was this headset could hit the market with paid demos this Christmas.