IMAX and Ubisoft today announced that a special edition of Star Trek: Bridge Crew (2017), Ubisoft’s co-op multiplayer set aboard a Federation vessel, is launching for an exclusive run in IMAX VR centers worldwide.

Created by Ubisoft’s Red Storm Entertainment, the new edition was “re-designed and optimized” for IMAX VR centers, the company’s dedicated out-of-home VR facilities, and contains a mission called Rescue at Perseph.

With up to four people per ‘pod’, the new mission puts players at the game’s familiar consoles set aboard the U.S.S. Aegis, and tasks the crew with rescuing a stranded group of Vulcan scientists escaping from a damaged space station. Klingon interference is mostly assured, because let’s face it, they aren’t known for doing the whole “peace” thing.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Rescue at Persephis is now available at the IMAX VR center in Los Angeles, but will be heading to the other two active locations in New York and Shanghai sometime soon. Upcoming centers are also set to open in the UK, Toronto, and other locations worldwide in the coming months.

'Star Trek: Bridge Crew' Review

Showings are blocked out in 20-minute intervals and are by reservation only. A minimum of 2 players is required (max 4), and end up costing $15 per person.

The LA location also hosts other VR experiences including Raw Data (2017), Eagle Flight (2016), John Wick Chronicles (2017), and Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine (2016)—making it a great first chance to get into a few different experiences if you haven’t been able to pop a VR headset before.

We gave Star Trek: Bridge Crew a solid [9/10] in our review for absolutely nailing the fun of social co-op. If the out-of-home setting can provide a quick entry into the game that still offers the challenge of learning your role (and owning it like the Captain you always knew you’d become), this stands to be one of the better experiences for larger groups.

‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ at IMAX VR LA

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  • bschuler

    I’m not gonna poo on this just because it’s an exclusive to an already out there home game, as I know these developers need to make money. While it would be nice to be added to the home version, as long as they continue to develop more stuff for VR it is alright with me.

    • Keep in mind that Activision is behind the game. The money is already there…

  • Filmgeek47

    Sorry, but this is a huge smack in the face to all of the people who shelled out $50 for a game that launched with half the amount of content it should have had. Now they’ve taken the time to develop new content… but only for IMAX centers? Ubisoft, you’ve got multiple threads all over the place with people who are willing to pay for DLC for this game. Why are you ignoring them?

    • Get Schwifty!

      Its one of those moves that only could come from the mind of a business major who really doesn’t have any true understanding of the situation in the market and players of VR. They probably think releasing the content to home VR will somehow prevent this from helping the IMAX exposure, which is ridiculous. Someone owning a Rift or Vive is going to waste their time with this at IMAX, and someone without VR at home will never know the difference.

      • Master E

        Sometimes I think a lot of these developers forget what it is to be a gamer and unfortunately are influenced by investors and just shelling out a shell of a product

    • Master E

      Seriously, this game was a great idea and has potential to be so much more. They should be all over it…

      Give us a recreation of a season of STNG or something with both space and fps VR and missions based on episodes of the show.

      They could literally create dlc based on seasons and knowing Ubisoft they’ll mix in all sorts of daily’s and stuff to do like rescue missions, recon, upgrade tech discovery, story missions etc.

  • impurekind

    They still REALLY need to get the Enterprise D into this game imo.

  • Chris

    This is a joke. They better start releasing and updating the in-home version. There’s like 6 bloody campaign missions. And they’re so simplistic it’s insane. I could knock up about 20 missions a week ON MY OWN using their whole map builders and software. What the hell are they doing, oh yeah NOTHING