In Death (2018), the fiendishly difficult bow-shooting roguelite, is getting its Oculus Quest version on July 23rd.

Originally created by Sólfar Studios and adapted to Quest by Superbright VR, In Death: Unchained is slated plop you down into Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.

With bow and a selection of arrows in hand, you stalk around its procedurally generated levels through an increasingly difficult wave of enemies. It’s hectic, fun and it always kept us guessing, which is why we gave it a solid [8/10] in our review on PC.

In Death: Unchained appears to be much the same game as the title released on PSVR and SteamVR headsets, however Superbright says Unchained has been “thoroughly extended with new content, experience, and love that the title deserves.”

You can already wishlist In Death: Unchained on the Oculus Store. The game will be priced at $30.

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  • sebrk

    Is anything crossbuy these days?

  • Xron

    Another nice title for quest, we just need 2nd gen quest now.

  • FranzDa

    Looks like the original game… Just that…
    Still my favourite VR game, more than 300 hours and 100% achievements. :)

  • Randy V.

    My CV1 died recently and I am torn. Anyone have a suggestion on getting the Quest vs the Rift S? I have quite a few games on steam as well as games that I would have the quest version of automatically from the oculus store… now with the Quest Link… it sounds like it is almost the obvious choice… but the Rift S… faster refresh… not sure… no idea when the new systems will come out either. I was a day one adopter and love VR and its killing me to not have it.

    • Cybrdmn

      I had the original Vive with tpcast wireless as soon as each were available, upgraded to the Index when it came out and borrowed a friend’s Quest for a month or so. I would recommend the Quest. Works great by itself and you’ve already expressed interest, the just pick it up and play factor is huge. Then you can connect up to your pc vr wirelessly with Virtual Desktop or wired with the link cable. Quest itself is an upgrade over original Vive or Rift.

  • Tunk

    There ist allready a VR Game Like this.
    Called Rainbow Reactor and atm on 75% Sale for 4.49€.

    Has a kind of Basketball touch indeed. You dont shot the Balls with a gun, you must through them.