‘In Death’ is a Medieval Roguelike Bow-shooter from ‘EVEREST VR’ Developer Sólfar Studios

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In quite the pivot from virtual tourism experience EVEREST VR (2016), Iceland-based Sólfar Studios has revealed their next VR project, In Death, a VR roguelike bow-shooter that promises procedurally generated crawling for loot and more.

Announced today, Sólfar says that In Death is set in a “godless afterlife”. The studio describes the gameplay as such:

Battle through procedurally generated levels and dungeons in intense ranged combat coupled with a unique locomotion system perfectly attuned to your fighting style.


A VR shooter with roguelike elements, In Death’s surreal medieval setting is presented in a procedurally generated world with monsters, mysteries and loot. Driven by an achievement-based progression system that advances between sessions, each run is unique, with unpredictable outcomes.

Built on UE4, the studio’s prior title, Everest VR, was visually quite stunning, leaving us with visual high expectations for their new game.

Sólfar is soliciting signups for a free closed beta ahead of In Death’s 2018 release. You can sign up on the game’s official page. The studio says the game is being made “exclusively for high immersion VR platforms,” which rules out mobile, but doesn’t quite specify which tethered headsets the game will launch on, though the beta is said to be available for Rift and Vive players.

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  • Raphael

    Yeah… unique motion system anything like teleport? Or perhaps we remain stationary and the world slides under our feet?

    Just give me trackpad smooth locomotion and stop this nonsense before it’s too late.

    • Mary

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      • Raphael

        97 dollars per hour is poor people money. I feel bad for you. If you want a better paying job you can come work for me in the porn industry.

        • Foreign Devil

          Does that apply to males too? I’d like to make more than $97/hour.

          • Raphael

            As a male you can earn 99 per hour. As a female 199. Consider sex change.

    • Jason Mercieca

      Yes i agree!
      Its unbelievable that developers still are searching for new locomotion types, when free trackpad locomotion is the better one due to many reasons like immersion and total free movement like in real life, teleport system must also be implemented for people with motion sickness issues, so implement free trackpad locomotion + teleport and everyone is happy, but still they continue to implement new ways when its no needed at all.
      As for me i only play games with free real trackpad locomotion, nothing less will do i will just not even play a game with teleport no matter how good the game is, for me teleport or any other locomotion system thats not free trackpad locomotion its a big STAY AWAY, imagine playing fallout 4 (4 example) with teleport appearing like a ghost here and there, totally unreal and total immersion breaking plus confusing cause once u teleport u suddenly see the world from a different view perspective, rrrrr no way.
      If this title is not free locomotion i pass….
      Maybe in 20 years the developers gets the point, if ever!
      Motion sickness in VR has been blown out of proportion, the majority of people just needs to get used to it thats all…