Interactive Narrative ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Wagner Ritual’ Coming to Gear VR

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Sherlock Holmes: The Wagner Ritual is clever VR adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Adventure of Musgrave Ritual’, and illuminates the text with a modern twist. Static 360 photos combined with unique rendered spaces are easy to digest for VR newcomers looking for a unique narrative experience.

Covered in our fourth installment of Best of Oculus Mobile VR Jam, the team at Zurich based indie studio Ateo have pressed on to bring the game to fruition, which comes to the Gear VR platform September 7th free of cost.


“The experience is designed especially for users new to VR. It is set at a slow pace, allowing users to get familiar with the concept of VR. Through the photo composition, dialogue and 3D audio, it makes them explore the world in all directions. The experience is aimed at all users, who are not mainly interested in games, but still want to see the wonders of VR. It is also a chance to introduce people to VR, who haven’t been interested before, but are attracted by the Sherlock Holmes content,” writes Ateo’s Janina Woods.

What makes The Wagner Ritual especially engaging is the introduction of the virtual mind palace, a recreation of Holmes 221B Baker Street flat where you can pore over clues that you collect along the way.

sherlock holmes the wagner ritual

There’s no reason not to snap this one up, especially if you love narrative experiences in VR.

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