Virtual Reality is a worldwide phenomenon which has inspired people from around the world to connect with one another, virtually and in real life. Today, we’re introducing the VR Event Calendar, in an effort to help highlight and promote the growing social VR scene.

All around the world, people are congregating to share in their passion for virtual reality. Despite the technology being in its infancy, virtual reality has one of the most vibrant, exciting, and passionate communities out there, born of a true grassroots movement. VR brings people together and we felt that deserved some recognition.

So, we’ve created the VR Event Calendar, a place for people to search for and share VR gatherings held across the globe and across the metaverse. To help users find events that interest them, we’re sorting events by Real Life and Virtual.

  • Real Life Events
    • Industry – Tradeshows, conferences, expos, and the like
    • Community – Meetups and social gatherings
  • Virtual Events
    • Industry – Virtual tradeshows, conferences, expos, and the like
    • Community – Virtual Meetups and social gatherings

Yes, the time has come that we actually need to specify whether or not a given event is held in reality or virtual reality—isn’t the future great?

Explore the VR Event Calendar

For those not already involved in the social VR scene, we think you’ll be surprised at the breadth of organized gatherings already available, both online and off. Coming up this month in the virtual space alone is a Game of Thrones Afterparty in Convrge, Gunter’s Universe in VRChat, and Premiere of Sense 8 in AltspaceVR, and more. In the realm of reality there’s another gathering of the Seattle Virtual Reality Meetup and Augmenting Reality Meetup in London.

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In the VR Event Calendar we’ll also highlight special discounts available to Road to VR readers, like a 50% discount to the upcoming Augmented World Expo 2015.

How Do I Get My Event Listed on the VR Event Calendar?

Including every single event on the VR Event Calendar, regardless of size, would be a huge challenge. So, to help manage the load in the early days of this new feature, we’ve set some conditions for events to be included.

Physical VR Meetups and Events

For Physical Events and Meetups, you must be listed at with registered members in excess of 500. If your event qualifies, get in touch with us at Those emailing must be one of the named hosts on your page, or you must be introduced by someone listed there.

Events Held in Virtual Reality

If you’re organizing a virtual reality event in one of these social VR platforms, reach out to to apply for inclusion in the VR Event Calendar. Again, to help us manage levels of administration at our end, we’re restricting listings to those held in these 5 major social VR venues for the time being:

Chris Madsen
Chris Madsen

Heading up this exciting new feature will be our new Social VR Liaison, Chris “deeprifter” Madsen. He’s already deeply embedded in the VR social community and he’ll be endeavouring to keep his finger on the pulse of the scene, mixing with the community and reporting on interesting trends and events in the field. Please join us in welcoming Chris to the team.

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Chris recently shared with our audience Why Social Virtual Reality is Worth Celebrating.

This is just the start of what we hope will become a useful resource for the community, and rest assured we’re working to expand the scope to allow the listing of smaller events in the future.

In the mean time, if you do have any questions about the VR Event Calendar that aren’t answered above, drop us a line on

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