Developer Camouflaj has been pretty quiet since the 2020 release of one of our favorite PSVR games—Iron Man VR. But the developer recently teased that it has “exciting things on the horizon” and remains “all-in on VR.”

Iron Man VR was a PSVR exclusive released by Camouflaj in 2020 which won the studio multiple VR game of the year awards (including ours that year). Not only was it a VR game with a popular IP attached, it was also mechanically innovative, giving players a largely comfortable system for gesture-controlled flight and combat in VR. In short, the game really nailed the feeling of flying and fighting like Iron Man (if you’d like to know more check out our full review of the game).

With the game’s critical acclaim and insightful design, it’s somewhat surprising we haven’t heard anything about a follow-up title from Camouflaj. While there’s still nothing officially announced, the studio recently shared a tease of what’s to come.

On the studio’s official site, studio director Ryan Payton shared a message last week on behalf of the studio:

Greetings Friends of Camouflaj:

As the world continues to change, so has Camouflaj. We continue to expand our global presence, strengthen our partnership with long-time collaborators, and deepen our commitment to creating a healthy working environment for all staff.

Some things at Camouflaj haven’t changed though. We remain focused on delivering high-quality, meaningful games, and—for the sixth year running—find ourselves going all-in on VR.

There are exciting things on the horizon, and we can’t wait to tell you more…

[our emphasis in bold]

Back in March Camouflaj announced it was opening a secondary studio in Japan called Camouflaj Holdings, in partnership with former Capcom producer Matt Walker. But so far neither the main studio nor the new one have announced what they’re working on.

With PSVR 2 looming large on the horizon it’s conceivable that the studio has been silently working on a launch title for the headset. But with PSVR 2 still not having a release date of its own, it would be no surprise that the studio hasn’t announced anything yet.

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  • ViRGiN

    PSVR2 exclusive confirmed.
    Fy’all pcvr abusers.

  • Tommy

    Hopefully, they’re working on some PSVR 2 launch games. Iron-man was decent and helped sell quite a few systems.

  • VR5

    Of course it’s just an assumption at this point but if Camouflaj’s next game is a PSVR2 exclusive that will be the strongest draw for me yet to buy that hardware. Iron Man VR was among the best PSVR had to offer.

  • ApocalypseShadow

    Sounds good to me. Whatever it is, hopefully it expands on their innovation. Iron Man definitely surprised with 360 movement and flight control on PS Moves. No other developer pushed that boundary.

    If they can do that with 10+ year old limited controllers, it’s scary to think what they are capable of with Sony’s more advanced Sense Controllers, haptics, more console power and financing. But this could also be said for other developers that want to push the envelope on PS VR 2. There’s just too much potential with all those features built in.

    If they end up making Iron Man 2 and it shows up with mega improvements like larger play area, destructible objects in the environments, higher canopy to fly up to and down, more speed and diverse enemies (not just drones), it’ll be awesome. Just as awesome as having more armored suits. And not just a color swap even if that was still cool. Weapon load outs made up for it though.

    But we should be able to play as War Machine or Hulk Buster Armor. That’ll be crazy. And maybe go up against Hydra.

  • Ookami

    The dude doesn’t really have a life outside of hating VR it seems. It’s sad really

    • kool

      He’s playing quest2 best exclusive fanboy beta!

      • Ookami

        Hard to imagine he finds time for that since he’s always obsessing over PCVR statistics and trends lol

  • MasterElwood

    When can i get Ironman for PCVR or QUEST?