Sony has fully revealed PlayStation VR 2 at this point, but the company has still kept the PSVR 2 release date under wraps, with many wondering if it will come in 2022 or 2023. Well the company says it’ll finally reveal that info “soon.”

Earlier this week Sony revealed some new software features coming to PSVR 2. Subtly tucked into the same announcement were some teases that the company will “soon” share the last essential details everyone wants to know: PSVR 2 release date, price, and launch games.

The road to launch for PlayStation VR2 is in full swing, and we can’t wait for you to try the exciting new games and experiences you’ll be able to explore with our next-generation virtual reality headset. As we continue with our launch efforts, today, we’d like to offer a quick peek at some of the user experience features you’ll discover on PS VR2.

There are lots of exciting things to look forward to for PS VR2, and we can’t wait to share more details about our next-generation virtual reality headset that takes a dramatic leap forward in gameplay innovation. We’ll share more information soon, including launch date and additional games coming to the platform.

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A big question among observers is whether the headset will launch in 2022 or 2023. Given the above, and some prior hints, our guess continues to lean toward holiday 2022.

Given how much detail the company has revealed about PSVR 2, it’s actually surprising the company has yet to also reveal PlayStation VR 2’s release date and price.

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One potential explanation is that Sony is carefully watching the current market turmoil and is waiting until the last possible moment to nail down the PSVR 2 launch date and cost. After all, we can be sure they’d like to avoid running into a situation where they have to increase the cost of the headset after its launch.

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  • MeowMix

    I used to think the PSVR2 would release at $400; I now believe it’ll have at a minimum $600 price tag. And the fact SONY still hasn’t revealed the price just goes to show they may not have decided on the final price point yet.

    • kool

      They usually don’t release the price n date until the summer. So not unusual, I think they wanted to try and make it cheap as possible that’s why I think it isn’t wireless.

      • Ookami

        I think it’s already been confirmed it’s not wireless. They said it only uses a single cable, so that’s already a step up from the PSVR1 at least.

        • peter vasseur

          Yeah but the wire is removable replaceable. So there is a possibility that a future add on could make it wireless.

          • Ookami

            That’s true.

    • ViRGiN

      or maybe they will repeat their 1995 psx announcement and say ‘299’, drop mic and walk away
      they were competing against n64 back then

      • Nevets

        They may try to sell at a loss to ignite the format, but they are not fighting against any direct competitor. So I think they would not be motivated in the way you suggest

      • FrankB

        Saturn, not N64

        • Charles

          Right, N64 wasn’t released until 1996. Though there may have been price details out for N64, I don’t know.

    • Nevets

      It’ll be interesting to see what they manage on price, but I really do think it’s unlikely they will go as high as 600 even if they have to sell break-even. That would really be too much for the average gamer to pay

    • Ankle Bender

      lmao you think it will cost more than the system itself? lol

  • Max-Dmg

    I wonder how upcoming tech sales will go with everything rising steep and quickly in price. I wonder if the tech will have to go up in price too.

    • Nevets

      Good prediction, Einstein!

  • I can’t wait to discover them

  • Mrknowledge

    Meta verse just release no om quest 2 going UP $100 I think they know that psvr2 will be like $$499-$599 so even at $399 starting tomorrow it will still be much lower than psvr2.

  • Tommy

    Wake me up when I can pre-order it.

  • When it comes to the PS5, I honesty don’t think it matters. The scalpers have run amok, forcing their ownership into the hands of only the wealthy. Sony seems fine to allow this to continue, so what’s the point of PSVR? Nobody I know has one!

    You can get more for less with a PCVR, thanks to the cryptocurrency scam finally starting to fall apart, and GPU prices descending from the heavens again. For awhile Sony was doing some 1st party, AAA projects for VR, but I haven’t heard of any in the last year or two.

    Even at it’s best, a PS5 isn’t more powerful then a GeForce RTX 2070 Super in a computer made in the last 10 years. And a GeForce RTX 2070 Super CAN be purchased from an actual store, and not some scumbag scalper, for around $600.

    • John

      I tried for two days to get a PSVR, and got one from PS Direct quite easily.

      PS5 Ownership is not limited to the “hands of only the wealthy”.

  • peter vasseur

    I would rather it have next gen feature and cost more than be dumber down and be less. They need to launch it this year.

  • Keith James

    I say $499.