‘Island Time VR’ to Launch on All Major Platforms April 3rd, ‘5 Ways to Die’ Launch Trailer Here

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Island Time VR, a room-scale survival game from Flight School Studio, is launching April 3rd on PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other Steam VR-compatible headsets for $15. In preparation for your inevitable death ahead, Flight School also released a launch trailer showing the top 5 ways you can inadvertently kill yourself.

With Carl the Crab at your side, you’ll craft tools, fend off threatening creatures, and catch and collect food you’ll cook up yourself—all in the effort of surviving on your tiny room-scale-sized desert island.

To keep you on your toes, Island Time VR features an event system that automatically doles out resources, so castaways have to perform tasks before resources are restocked. Of course, when you’re not staring at your watch waiting for your hunger meter to reach critical levels, you can always enjoy a beautiful tropical sunset.

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“The game’s difficulty curve and secrets are designed to be discovered over multiple playthroughs,” said Adam Volker, Creative Director at Flight School Studio. “The player might craft a new item or find new foodstuffs they haven’t seen before. This trial and error is what teaches players to survive as long as they can.”

Oh, and if Carl sounds strangely familiar, it’s because he’s voiced by YouTube channel Kinda Funny Games co-founder Greg Miller.

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