Zoolander is back. And while we’re hoping Zoolander 2 isn’t too terrible (that’s optimism), Jaunt VR has released a new 360 video featuring Ben Stiller in his reprisal of the role of Derek Zoolander, the ridiculously good-looking model.

Zoolander Infinity gives you plenty to look at as Stiller parades around a 360 degree runway (Fahrenheit of Calculus?) antagonizing the shoot’s production assistant, a role played by Bob’s Burgers H. Jon Benjamin.

zoolander 2 360 video

Although its clearly an advert to get you into the theaters this weekend for the opening of Zoolander 2, Stiller and Benjamin’s on-set chemistry is infectious and well-planned scene direction draws your attention to Stiller as he struts around the set.

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You can watch the farcical 360 film via the Jaunt VR app on Android, on iOS, Jaunt’s Gear VR app, and for a limited time on Facebook.

Jaunt, the cinematic VR company, recorded the fashion shoot romp with their recently unveiled 360 degree, stereoscopic 3D camera Neo, which can clearly be seen at the end of the short film. Zoolander Infinity is a joint project created by Paramount Pictures and Red Hour Films.

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  • Joe

    Bob’s Burgers Jon Benjamin is actually called H. Jon Benjamin :)