‘Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2’ is Set to Land in September, New Trailer Here


Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 is now set to launch on September 30th on Oculus Quest, less than a year after Part 1. And we’re glad it’s coming soon—the original was a quality game but felt like it got cut short with a serious cliffhanger.

Coatsink, the studio behind the game, today announced the release date of Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 alongside a trailer for the game:

To hype the announcement, the studio says it’s offering the original Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 1 at a 20% discount for one day only on August 27th.

The studio is promising that the game will bring “all-new locations, puzzles and dinosaur encounters.” From the trailer we can clearly see that a tyrannosaurus rex is on the table, and from a screenshot it looks like a triceratops will join the fray too.

Image courtesy Coatsink

We expect that Part 2 will continue to feature the velociraptor—which loves to stalk the player in a game of cat & mouse—as a recurring threat; it’ll be interesting to see what role the other dinosaurs play.

Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 1 was released back in December and has been one of our favorite Quest games in the last year (our review). Though it hit a lot of the right notes, it felt like it was cut short with the way the game ended in a cliffhanger that really seemed more like the mid-point of its gameplay and narrative arc. But hey, we’re glad to see that Part 2 is ready less than a year after Part 1. Here’s to hoping that Part 2 has a bit more meat on the bone and doesn’t leave us hanging until a Part 3!

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  • oomph2

    we need ray traced, complete with glistening teeth of dinos as they bite into you thighs(or neck)

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    • Raphael

      Yeah, I switched off as soon as I saw the comicbook graphics.

  • I really enjoyed what I played of Part 1, but I never finished it because I honestly don’t enjoy using my Quest 2 as much as I’d hoped. There’s just so many comfort elements that make it a pain in the ***, like the sheer weight of the thing, the small field of view and sweet spot, the lower contrast, etc.

    • sfmike

      If you don’t enjoy wearing a VR headset why are on a VR site? May I suggest PC for you.

      • What a total moronic response that completely misses the point.

        • Raphael

          What is the point? That you are negatively charged and that quest 2 doesn’t meet your exacting list of expectations?

    • lelandwalker

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    • Well you gotta replace the facial interface and head-strap, for sure. Here’s some easly available parts I used to make it far more comfortable:

      Pho-Leather Facial Interface:

      “Halo” strap:

      The Halo strap will make it harder to lay back on a couch with your headset, so it’s a bit uncomfortable when used with “Unnamed Software Men Enjoy Privately”. But for gameplay, it holds well. You tighten the knob on the back of the strap if you need it to have a firmer grip on your head.

      Oculus has their “Pro Strap”, but I found it fiddly and it broke after a few months of use. There is a “Battery Pro Strap”, which has a battery on the back that helps as a counter-weight for the headset. Never tried it personally, but that might be more comfortable. It’s not the headset’s weight that’s an issue, so much as the front-weight you feel on your nose.

      Something some people try is making a counter-weight and putting it on the back of the headset’s strap.

    • jbob4mall

      Trying to do a stealth quest hate? Pretty damn obvious.

      • Don’t be pathetic. I’m simply saying what came to my mind when I saw this article.

        • Raphael

          Yeah, what came to mind was a whole bunch of complaints that don’t bother the majority of quest users. So I can certainly understand why people react in a way you don’t approve of here.

          What came to mind when you read a feature on a game was your personal list of hates about the quest. Things that don’t bother me even though my previous VR was OLED. Vive 1.0 was heavier and bulkier than the quest.

          You clearly have medical issues (perhaps a muscle wasting disease?) if you find the very low weight of the quest “heavy”.

      • Raphael

        Exactly… the original article is not about Quest hardware design/comfort. It. It’s about a sequel to a dinosaur game. But this guy sees it as the perfect opportunity to show us how the quest 2 hardware doesn’t meet his expectations. I am somewhat concerned about his physical state of health though since he finds the Quest a “sheer weight”.

    • Raphael

      LOL. If you find a Quest 2 heavy you need to see a physician. You remind me of the ex US soldier who told me he left the army because his helmet was too heavy. Then he went into the construction industry and complained his hard hat was too heavy. He had never tried VR but he said it would in theory be too heavy. Welcome to snowflake gen.

  • So the review of the first one was good, but has anyone else really got into it? My impression from others was a limited game with some jump scares and a lack of depth. I never actually played it though. How does it stack up against “It Lies Beneath”? That game was pretty good, if a bit repetitive.

    • Mike Moo

      Personally, I liked it a lot. It keeps things relatively simple and is 90% stealthily avoiding the raptor. It’s just very effectively delivered though. One of my Quest highlights.

  • patfish

    That game could be excellent! If it used 2021 graphics instate of PS2 graphics from 2003 :-/ …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0mZjCr0OqA

    We want good and modern VR Games again!