Rockstar Games brought L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files (2017) to PSVR in a surprise launch last September, bringing along with it some minigames to keep you shooting, punching, and driving with moxie well after you’d interrogated your last suspect. Now, the studio has released these previously exclusive minigames for PC VR players too.

The three VR minigame experiences, which are now available in the latest update, include shooting, boxing and racing:

  • Boxing: Step into the ring as Cole Phelps and take on 12 different opponents
  • Speedcar Racing: Race classic 1940’s “Speedcar” vehicles against AI opponents on three new dirt tracks
  • Shooting Galleries: Keep your eye in with target practice in four different shooting galleries, each with their own challenges, targets and weapons

In a recent update log, Rockstar says it’s also improved support for the Valve Index, Vive Pro, Vive Pro Eye, Vive Cosmos, and Oculus Rift S. Those headsets were first officially supported in a late December update.

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Launched on PC VR headsets back in 2017, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files takes a few missions from the original L.A. Noire (2011) and lets players gumshoe around 1940s Los Angeles through a VR adaptation of the game’s clue gathering, witnesses interrogation, and high-speed car chases.

We gave it a middling [5.8/10] in our review, citing Rockstar’s VR revamp as “respectable” despite the overwhelming inclination that the studio had bit off more than it could chew. That said, there’s some fun to be had here in the minigames, and its good to see Rockstar filling out features in a way we haven’t seen from other ‘AAA’ studios in the space.

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  • Immersive Computing

    I started playing this last year on my Index and it incredibly frustrating to try and move or interact. Have not tried since.

    Thanks for the update, will give another try as what I saw of it last year was very enticing.

    • JesuSaveSouls

      I agree too with that game experience.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I mostly pay no attention to this game despite it having native vr support. And do usually only play gta5 in vr with mods like lukeross real mod and by Bo which adds motion control support.Now with this new update I will be revisiting the game for the update.Jesus loves you !

  • Nice

  • Yeshaya

    Why is the header image you fighting Mr. Rogers?

  • gothicvillas

    Last time I tried it didnt work on Index anymore. Has this been fixed?

    • Immersive Computing

      That’s what I’m going to find out tomorrow morning.

      • gothicvillas

        let me know the result :)

  • blue5peed

    Was windows MR support ever fixed for this game? last time I heard they released a patch that stopped a workaround allowing windows MR headsets to work.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    These mini games are more fun than the actual game.

  • JesuSaveSouls

    I don’t remember having snapturn before and being able to go out into the hallway.

  • namekuseijin

    dirt races are very fun, but could be multiplayer (although AI racers play dirt).

    shooting gallery is top notch, with manual reload. boxing is fun as well, but essentially just a fixed series of rounds against characters in the game – blocking and jabs in different areas of the body react properly – a bit on the easy side, except for last 2 surprise boxers…