VR Hero Shooter ‘Larcenauts’ Gets New Map, Mode & Character Today in ‘Zarius Heist’ Update


Larcenauts (2021), the VR hero shooter from Impulse Gear, is getting its big ‘Zaruis Heist’ update starting today, which brings a good slice of new content to the game on Quest and PC VR headsets.

Update (September 30th, 2021): Impulse Gear released ‘The Zarius Heist’ today, which includes a new payload-style objective mode called Heist, a new ranger-class character named Imperia, and a seemingly Stargate-inspired level called Thunderhead.

You can check out all of the new stuff in the trailer below, but here’s a quick rundown of Imperia’s gear and abilities:

– Vipera Strike (Imperia’s main weapon): An elegant and unique bow & arrow of the Dynastalker warrior class, and serious slinger of searing shaft sleeves

Parasphere Field: A portable healing device powered by the blood of your enemies. Damage dealt to enemies fills the device, healing allies in the surrounding area when full.

Animax Grenade: Deals damage in an area and spawns soul wisps at each enemy damaged that explode after a short time.

Dyna Burst: Advanced Dynastalker tech enables Imperia to enter an invulnerable state. Rapid healing occurs during this period of invulnerability.

The game includes full cross-play support across Oculus devices and SteamVR headsets, and is priced at $30. Notably, the Oculus Store version supports cross-buy, so you can buy it once and play it on either the Rift or Quest platform.

Original Article (September 17th, 2021): The studio hasn’t said much for now, however the update is called ‘The Zarius Heist’, and will bring to the game a new hero, map, payload objective mode, and private lobbies.

Launched back in June, the 6v6 multiplayer shooter already includes eight playable ‘specialists’, three gameplay modes, and four levels.

The Zarius Heist is coming to all supported platforms on September 30th, which includes cross-play support for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift (cross-buy supported), and SteamVR headsets.

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Impulse Gear says additional details are coming soon which will further detail The Zarius Heist. We’re keeping our eye on the studio’s Discord [invite link] for more info in the coming weeks.

If you’ve never played, check out our full review where we gave it a respectable [7/10]. In it, we noted that Larcenauts has the breadth of mechanics that you’d hope to see in a hero shooter, although we felt it was missing an immersive hook due to minimal VR-specific interactions. We’re of course hoping to see more of those in the new character and payload mode, the latter of which sounds like it could include some very hands-on interactions.

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  • I’m really enjoying this game. It isn’t perfect but it’s a lot of fun.

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