‘Little Cities’ for Quest Looks Like ‘Cities: Skylines’ in VR, Coming Spring 2022

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Little Cities is an upcoming city creation game for Quest that looks to bring much of the same city simulator flair to VR of prolific series such as Cities: Skylines and Sim City.

Little Cities is currently under development by UK-based studio Purple Yonder, and is the first game published by nDreams’ recently announced third-party publishing arm.

In it, Purple Yonder says you’ll be able to build cities in the classic fashion, albeit by hand via Touch controllers; start by building simple roads and carefully zone your islands according to residential, commercial or industrial.

Keep citizens happy by giving them power, water and network connectivity. Making sure there’s adequate fire fighters, police, school, and hospital coverage will keep the population growing.

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The game will be playable both seated and in room-scale mode, letting you move around like a veritable Godzilla as you manage your town from above.

Little Cities will be Purple Yonder’s second VR title following the release of Oculus Go zombie shooter Zed Shot (2016). There’s still plenty to learn about Little Cities in the coming months. The studio says it’s slated to arrive on the Quest platform sometime in Spring 2022.

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    I hope this comes to PC. It’s a little bit of a shame this is on mobile since city builders are often a CPU limited genre.

    • MeowMix

      They’re usually more RAM limited than CPU. Hopefully they drop Quest1 support as the Quest2 has 2GB more ram (6gb vs 4gb) which will allow them to push the game’s potential even further.

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      • Cless

        That would be dumb though. If they are pointing at doing it for Facebook’s store, why would they drop part of their base? Also, since they are using Unity, it would be quite easy to just make an everything version of the game, including PC too.

    • ViRGiN

      Stop sucking Valve dick and grab yourself one of those awesome Quest headsets.

      Or don’t, and continue spamming online discussions with your Facebook bad, Quest bad rhetorics.

      You’ve been posting about collection of hidden gem games – dozens of titles already – and here you are whining that you can’t play a mobile game on your gaming pc?

      • CMoney

        Their criticism of Facebook’s practices must be really bothering you, since it triggered you to make this comment when no one mentioned Facebook. Maybe stop following their posts if they upset you?

        • Cless

          I love that they didn’t mention Valve either, just PC, like if PC = Valve lol

          • ViRGiN

            Like there is more than Valve, lol. G2, such uncompromised headset haha

          • Cless

            Hey! I was defending you on another post saying you can be reasoned with! Don’t make me go back change it! XD

            Nah, you have a point, its true that most PC gaming is in Valve’s shop, but definitely not the only place! The oculus, Microsoft and GoG stores combined do have quite a few number of good games too. And then, if we add up moded PC games, that list grows quite substantially too.
            Of course, many of those are ALSO on Steam, but I mean, of course they are, why wouldn’t they publish them there if they can? There isn’t much to loose doing so unless Oculus/Microsoft is paying you not to…

        • ViRGiN

          Maybe you should look into that guy online activity. Spams reddit constantly with anti facebook rhetorics, shilling for Valve and indie craps.

    • Cless

      I agree man. Look, its done on Unity, so there is still a chance they might do a PC version, since making PC builds is quite easy in Unity. Because they use the same VR API, pretty much only some new UI would be needed, and some extra testing, but not much else! So there is a chance :D

  • rfanck

    it would be great with…textures !

  • Cless

    Looks cute! Hope they will make a PC version. Since they are using Unity, it shouldn’t be that hard at all.