LIV develops software for mixed reality video capture, and over the years it’s become the de facto method for streamers showing themselves immersed in VR from a third-person perspective. For best results though, using LIV invariably means you’ll need some extra equipment, which isn’t ideal for everyone. Now LIV has released its newly unveiled mobile iOS app which lets you record your Quest experience without the need of a green screen, webcam, or PC—only an iPhone or iPad.

The mobile app is still in early beta, however it can be freely downloaded via the iOS TestFlight program. You’ll also need the LIV Connect Quest companion app, which is available for free on SideQuest. Of course, you’ll need an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), but also ideally a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection. The team says it’s coming to the Oculus Store via App Lab soon, and also to Android by the end of the year.

The mobile app includes two modes, a ‘Mixed Reality’ mode for third-person capture using the iOS device, and ‘Watch Mode’ for watching gameplay from a fixed perspective. Calibration is said to be “the easiest mixed reality calibration yet,” which only requires you to hold a Touch controller to the iOS device so the physical and digital cameras can line up properly.

Check out the app in action below:

There’s only 11 Quest games that natively support LIV’s mobile app for now, including:

Like custom Zoom backgrounds, the masking effect isn’t as perfect as it might be with green screen chromakey, however the results seem much more stable than previous efforts. Considering its quick setup time and excellent latency, it’s a great option for aspiring streamers, and anyone who wants to showoff their in-game experience to friends.

Meta Ditches Its Own Tools in Favor of LIV Partnership for Mixed Reality Capture on Quest

LIV had previously released a similar Quest beta last year, although the developers admit was “glitchy, difficult to use, and required a ton of support from us to keep running.” Since then, the team has devised a new method, having completely taken the Quest Beta offline.

If you’ve never installed an app from SideQuest, check out our handy step-by-step guide to get you perusing a mountain of Quest content.

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    Is this coming to the PC version of LIV?

    • AJ Shewki

      We just pushed ML-based background removal for PC too! You can try it on the public_beta branch, although a warning: it’s still quite performance hungry and can be buggy, it’s fresh out the oven. :-)

      • Ad

        My main question is about the moving camera aspect, I know the PC app works with the iphone, nvidia’s background tools, etc.

        • AJ Shewki

          We’ve had moving camera support in LIV since launch! You’ll need to rigidly attach a tracker to your camera, or use LIV Avatars (which doesn’t require any physical cameras, and gives you full control over the camera behaviour!)

          • Ad

            Right, I’m getting a tracker from tundra whenever those arrive. But I’m asking if there’s a way to do this kind of moving iphone camera, but on PC?

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      • Louis

        Hi, how do I get a redeem code for the LIV?

  • Very cool stuff!