Lone Echo II, Ready at Dawn’s long-awaited sequel to the sci-fi adventure Oculus PC exclusive, was supposed to make its grand entrance back in August, but was delayed at the last minute to “later this year.” Now the studio says it’s officially set for launch on October 12th.

Update (September 28th, 2021): Ready at Dawn today announced in a blog post that Lone Echo II is set to launch on Oculus PC on October 12th. This includes Oculus Rift and Quest via Link or Air Link.

The original article announcing the game’s last delay follows below.

Original Article (August 13th, 2021): The studio released a message on Thursday stating that Lone Echo II is being delayed from its August 24th launch date to “later this year.” Here’s the full message from Ready at Dawn below:

To Our Lone Echo Community,

It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and excitement last month when we announced the Lone Echo II launch date. Like many game studios over the past couple of years, our team has tackled new obstacles in development, and has needed to be inventive and resourceful to reach this point. We have been working hard to deliver the very best experience possible and we are eager to have you join Liv and Jack in their adventures once again. However, as we get closer to launch day, it has become clear that we needed a bit more time to polish and reach our desired quality level. As such, Lone Echo II’s launch date will be moved to later this year.
The decision to delay a game is always a tough one, but we believe you all deserve to experience the very best we can deliver.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.
Be safe, and see you around the rings of Saturn…

-The Ready At Dawn Team

Lone Echo II has been delayed now a number of times since it was originally announced to arrive in 2019. Like the first in the series, the space-faring adventure is set to be a graphically intense game targeting Oculus PC headsets (Oculus Rift and Quest via Link or Air Link). It’s also set to be the last PC-only title funded by Facebook, both through direct funding and by now actually owning the studio that produces it.

'Half-Life: Alyx' on PSVR 2 Would be a Win-win-win for Valve, Sony, & Players

Since we’ll be waiting until another release date materializes, the original Lone Echo (2017) is currently on sale for $10. It was Road to VR’s 2017 Rift Game of the Year, and still holds up as a class-leading PC VR game in terms of polish and immersion

Now two years old, Ready at Dawn’s 15-minute gameplay video still gives us the best look of a new mystery and a few puzzling challenges you’ll face in your story-based jaunt through space as Jack, android companion to the human Captain Liv.

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  • Late Echo

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    • Rex Thorne

      Hours away now. I expect it to have been worth the wait.

  • xyzs

    Lone Echo Forever

    • “Lone Echo Takes Forever”.

  • Totius

    No problem.. hope they will deliver a significative improvement of their epic first game.

    • jbob4mall

      No no. It’s needs to be released now! I demand it! And if it’s like cyberpunk 2077 and unfinished, I’ll criticise them for releasing too early!

  • gothicvillas

    I want refund

  • Rosko

    This is going to be a steaming pile of dung with decent graphics when its gets released.

    • guest

      Polish a turd? Such vague reasons for delays. I guess they are in no position to attribute delays to anything.

    • ViRGiN

      Still the best pcvr has to offer, but proper line you stopped at alyx

    • I must admit, all these multiple delays don’t exactly instill confidence ….

      • I think it’s a bomb and they don’t know what to do with it ….

      • jbob4mall

        Really? Why? It means they care about it. “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

    • Erilis

      When they previewed it to a few people, they all said they just re-used old assets. I hope they put a bit of effort into it

  • To me, the development hell that this game has gone through rivals the killing of all non-Quest 2 Oculus headsets as the most jarring example of the complete chaos that Mark Zuckerberg’s personal priorities have wrought on Oculus’ ability to have long term roadmaps for their products. It’s anti-consumer behavior that would certainly see them brought to court in a better regulatory culture. (Not for LE2 of course, but certainly in the interests of customers who picked Oculus headsets because they were clearly the best products that were most likely to succeed in the market and have a thriving ecosystem, with the promise of separate Oculus and Facebook logins at least as long as the existing products’ commercial lifespan, for instance.)
    It makes me pretty angry to think of the time Ready at Dawn lost on an ill-conceived mid-production pivot to the Quest, and the additional time spent undoing that work to move forward with the product they initially envisioned. This game may have come out, what, a year and a half sooner without that? It’s a damn mess. I’m just glad RAD clearly seem to be winning the battle to put out the game they want to make, surviving multiple extinction events.

    • It is pretty sad to think what could have been if Brendan Iribe’s team had been allowed to continue with the next Rift headset. Lone Echo 2 probably would have been its crown jewel.
      Glad we’re getting to experience Lone Echo 2 anyway, it should be an incredible bookend to the PCVR saga @ facebook.

    • Everybody keeps saying a Quest 2 version of LE2 was attempted
      then abandoned. What evidence do you have of this …??

      • I don’t remember if it was the first Facebook Connect or the last Oculus Connect, but they provided us with an update in like 2019 where they said it was a Quest title now.

        • benz145

          I don’t recall Facebook ever confirming it was being made for Quest.

          • Ah, well I’m always gonna defer to your recollection, then. I’ve probably just mixed up garden variety covid delays with my own hatred of Facebook, lol.

          • Erilis

            When echoVR was released, and it was running smooth, I was sure that was like a test run for Lone Echo, apparently not. EchoVR seemed like a bigger project, multiplayer with shared physics and all.

    • xyzs

      Zuckerberg strategy is not the quality but the quantity.
      Probably the game is delayed because he demanded the quest version of Lone Echo series, so they can sell x5 more of it.

      As long as there is nobody to compete with Facebook, they have less reason to take risks with advanced tech and a smaller customer base.

      • You’ve seen “EchoVR” on Quest 2, right …?
        You’re telling me you wouldn’t be satisfied with a
        LE and/or a LE2 on Quest 2 with EVR-level graphics …?
        *I* certainly would.

        • duked

          I wouldn’t. It could be on both Quest 2 and PCVR, but not only a Q2 version.

    • jbob4mall

      My god, you want to blame everything on quest 2 don’t you? Maybe they delayed it to stop from another cyberpunk 2077 or No Man’s Sky fiasco? Like you guys never learn.

  • patfish

    I have no idea what they did in the last 2 years? The game should have released in 2019!!! i have the bad feeling that Facebook tried first to convert it to the Quest than stopped this process and now its not up to date anymore for PCVR :-( … i have no big hopes anymore! Facebook ruins everything we loved about VR!!!

    • ViRGiN

      Valve ruined literally EVERYTHING vr.
      Released one tech demo in 2016, and made for handicapped people primarily 2020 alyx. Never invested into single developer. Flooded the store with unpolished turds. Made each next hardware after Vive more expensive than before. Doesn’t sell to certain countries. Rips developers off with 30% tax.

      Fuck valve. They are all after the deck, and only got into vr out of jealously when Palmer became millionaire overnight .

      • John Duncan

        Why you blaming Valve? Facebook deserted PC VR , focus on sub-par games for mobile VR and you blame Valve “rolleyes”

      • jbob4mall

        Yep. Exactly. Imagine if Nintendo released Nintendo 64 without a single game until a year later. And only one game. I said it years ago that the problem with vr is that it doesn’t have a Nintendo type game publisher making great games for it.

      • ZarathustraDK

        Oh put a sock in it. It’s not Steam-users fault that Facebook discontinued the Rift and vacuumed up all the gamedevs into their walled garden. Cry some more. Quest users can play games on Steam because Valve allows it, can’t say the same about the quest-games and FB’s anticompetitive practices.

        Fuck Facebook, I’m not paying them a single cent to be their data-cattle. But yeah, they’re after the Deck that’s true. Guess what specs a Deck is close to and why that’s important in a forum such as this?

    • Aside from Sony, FB is the only other big company that has been seriously investing in VR hardware and software with massive amounts of money. It’s funny that people moaned so much about Oculus exclusives, now look where we are… Where’s Valve? They released ONE big VR game.

      All the people who bought their games from Steam instead of Oculus Home even though they had a Rift are part of the reason why FB has shifted its focus entirely to the Quest 2.

      What if users actually supported the Oculus Home PCVR store? FB threw lots of money at lots of PCVR titles and yet people wanted them on steam… where Valve takes 30%. Why would FB ever want to do that? Why isn’t Half Life Alyx on Oculus Home?

  • Rupert Jung

    Maybe I am able to buy the needed GPU until then.

  • JB1968

    This game is dead already – same as all the PCVR only overpriced headsets you’ve bought in naive aniticipation to get equally valued quality software for the hardware price. Forget that…the Quest”X” future is bright in front of us! Fasten your seatbelts for yet anothet mobile grade wave shooter instead! Facebook is our VR saviour! It’s so cheap and comfy. Buy buy BUY an SUBSCRIBE to the FB account terms and conditions!

    • ViRGiN

      No, i’d rather buy a valve index and have literally one game released from the studio. Single player only, made for people missing one hand. Valve is so PRO VR, that they are focusing on Steam Deck haha. PCVR IS LOST, and you are here to blame with your snarky comments and purchasing games on steam. You love STEAM monopoly.

  • Honestly I just want them to get back to working on combat. Please rad, please give combat some love ❤

  • GordonFreeman

    Who cares how long it takes to make the game, if its now complete and ironed out the bugs then better late than never.

  • david vincent

    Ok it’s time to replay the first one.

  • Rupert Jung

    As nobody is able to buy GPUs since many month, the could delay it once more without any effect. I will certainly not play this with my old GTX 1070…

  • g-man

    Stop using bold