‘Lone Echo II’ Launch Trailer Debuts Ahead of Next Week’s Release


It’s been more than four years since the release of the lauded Lone Echo, but its sequel is finally just around the corner. Ahead of Lone Echo II’s release date on October 12th, Facebook’s VR studio Ready at Dawn has revealed a launch trailer teasing some of the action players can expect from the game.

Lone Echo II is set to pick up essentially right where the original game left off, with the player (the android ‘Jack’) and compatriot Liv still unraveling exactly where they’ve ended up and what to do next.

In the trailer we see the familiar zero-G locomotion that was so core to the first game, as well as the return of the ‘biomass’ which posed an environmental threat. Not too much else about what’s happening is spoiled (thank you), but there’s also the more advanced and seemingly sentient form of biomass which we saw in our preview of Lone Echo II way back in 2019.

At the time, developer Ready at Dawn told us that Lone Echo II would be roughly 50% larger than the original and that the sequel would feature new gameplay in the form of new tools and and interactions that have yet to be revealed.

Since our preview, however, Lone Echo II has been delayed multiple times, from an initial release date expected in 2019 all the way to October 2021, with its developer having also been acquired by Facebook in 2020. It remains to be seen how much, or how little, the game has changed due to the delays and restructuring of its developer; after all this time we sure hope it’s worth the wait.

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Lone Echo II is set for a release date on October 12th on Oculus PC, priced at $40. The original Lone Echo remains discounted to $10 on the lead up to the sequel’s launch.

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  • HoriZom

    Any PC specs yet for this what it gonna need ?

  • Patrick Hogenboom

    This is the first time I regret tossing my CV1 and replacing it with an Index

    • Revive my guy

      • Cless

        Yeah… wth? Just use Revive dude…
        The day Facebook starts poking revive to make them stop, hopefully, people will revolt. But on the direction we are going lately… I doubt there will be enough of us so they would give a shit.

        • shadow9d9

          They don’t need to. This will be the final pcvr game they release and Revive won’t work with any future quest 2 exclusives.

          • Cless

            Is that your opinion, or did they anounced that somewhere?

          • Lhorkan

            The Rift line has been discontinued for half a year – not much point in making exclusives for it anymore.

          • Cless

            Wasn’t it a Facebook exclusive? Since it was only available in their store (but for all their headsets)? Or did I missunderstood?

          • Lhorkan

            Well yes, Lone Echo 2 will also work over Link, but they have very little incentive to make PC VR exclusives going forward without a dedicated PC VR headset, their standalones getting stronger every generation, and generally only being interested in mass market appeal rather than games with a large scope and great graphics.

          • Cless

            Yeah, fair enough. they really aren’t interested in VR on PCs at all, which sucks quite a lot. To me, as long as they keep those links working, I’ll be fine with it.

      • Pablo C

        Long games need confort. Rift S is superior by miles on that department. The G2 sores my neck after an hour.

    • CHRIS

      i bought a quest 2 and use airlink. and still have my index.

    • Tags I812

      use revive. im sure you still have the FB account.

  • Happy to see the story continue! Can’t wait!

  • Rosko

    Looks like a DLC to the first game.

    • Kinda/sorta, right …?

    • NatashaMcLean

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  • Rosko

    Yes it was like being employed in the most tedious job in the universe. I’m not surprised its the same.

  • fredzvt

    Really excited about it! Playing the first one again to refresh.
    Definitely on my favorite VR games of all time!

    • Tommy

      Same :)

    • Tags I812

      yup. that’s what i need to do. it’ll be my 3rd time through. fantastic game

  • David

    The first game was very simple mechanically and it was more “interactive narrative experience” than game, but that’s fine. Some games focus on action, others focus on narrative. There are lots of games in the “walking simulator” genre that are 100% worth playing because of their story and/or presentation. Everything I’ve seen of Lone Echo II so far indicates that this will be another high quality narrative experience.

  • I wonder if the delays were caused by them trying to make the game portable to Quest 2 in the future

    • Tommy

      Probably. I’m sure it looks like crap on Quest. I hope I’m wrong though

  • Tommy


  • mellott124

    Would be great to play the original if it didn’t constantly crash.

  • Clown$h4rk

    where is the release? its oct 12

    • jim grove

      Yeah good question. No info anywhere really. Even the dev website is devoid of any mention. No you-tube extravaganza. Nothing.