Lone Echo is one of the best regarded Oculus exclusive titles, which has made its follow up, Lone Echo II, highly anticipated. Originally slated to launch in 2019 and pushed back by numerous delaysLone Echo II is now set for a Summer release date on Oculus PC.

Today during the Oculus Gaming Showcase it was announced that Lone Echo II is finally nearing a release date.

It isn’t clear what caused such a significant delay, though between the game’s initial announcement back in 2018, developer Ready at Dawn was acquired by Facebook. That made it seem likely that the lengthy delay may have been to make time for the studio to port the game to Oculus Quest part way through development, but today’s announcement only confirms a release on Oculus PC for Rift (and Quest via Link).

Ready at Dawn has been awfully quiet about the game lately, but it has been confirmed that it is a direct continuation of the story of Jack and Liv following the original game. When we went hands-on with the game way back in 2019 it appeared to be an evolution of the same linear narrative gameplay with polished VR interactions which propelled the original game to be among the best rated on the platform; check out 15 minutes of Lone Echo II gameplay here.

Ready at Dawn has shared a few new GIFs (below), though they aren’t particularly revealing:

In any case, we’ll finally get to play Lone Echo II with a release date set for this Summer on Oculus PC; our fingers are crossed that the gameplay still holds strong in the face of the evolution of VR gameplay which has steadily progressed over the course of the game’s lengthy development.

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  • xyzs

    Yeay, finally !
    And on PC !
    That’s a good news

    • jbob4mall

      Why aren’t you criticising them for that? Think of all the oculus quest only owners who are missing out. Or is exclusivity only bad when pc gamers don’t get what they want?

      • Jack Morgan

        I think this is less of an exclusivity thing, and more of a hardware requirements issue. Lone Echo 1 already was fairly demanding on pretty strong hardware, 2 (which I believe has bigger environments) can be assumed to be more demanding. The Quest 2 is good, but it’s not that good.

      • PsYcHo

        the fuck you expect?such a graphically advanced game run on a 400$ piece of hardware?with the power equivalent of a smartphone,do you also expect to play the last triple a games on your TV directly when you buy the TV?

  • I’ve been waiting so long for this game. It built heavily upon the mechanical foundation set up by ADR1FT that preceded it, but Lone Echo was really in a class of its own in terms of groundbreaking interaction design in VR. Four years later, still nothing has even come close. I’m happy to hear the team did not ultimately have to navigate a political situation where they had to shrink its scope down to something that would fit on Quest. Stoked!!

  • Zerofool

    Like most of you, I was really pleasantly surprised that Ready at Dawn managed to keep the project on the Rift platform. I was really prepared to be disappointed, but this announcement actually gives me one less reason to hate facebook :)

    Can’t wait for this summer to experience the continuation of this journey!

    For those that missed the stream, the segment about Lone Echo II with more footage starts here (I strongly recommend setting the image quality to “1080p60 (Source)“, if bandwidth permits):

  • flamaest

    Will this work on a Quest2 using the PC link?

    • johann jensson

      Of course. Better with Air-Link though.

      • Pablo C

        What do you need to get the right speed though (and get all the eyecandy graphics)

        • johann jensson

          Don’t think they announced any game specs yet. But if i gotta guess, you should have a reasonably modern GPU (RTX 2060s – 2070s), a CPU not older than 5-6 years and at least 16GB RAM, for a good experience.

          But let’s wait for an official word, everything else is just speculation.

          • Pablo C

            I mean the WIFI speed: I don´t think you can easily/cheaply get something with the needed rate (not even for running the first Lone Eco as it diserves it)

          • johann jensson

            Wireless you’d need just a good 5G modem, a completely free channel and have to play in the same room.

            Air Link is still in beta, though.

          • kontis

            5Ghz WiFi is not “5G” and it’s not a modem (that is for he internet, which is irrelevant and not needed for Air Link).

          • johann jensson

            Fair enough. I never cared for that network stuff. What i meant is something like my FritzBox that can do 5GHz WLAN on a dedicated channel.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Yeah, just look at the trailer at the end in fine print.

  • This is the Duke Nukem Forever of VR lol. But very happy they kept PC compatibility!

  • Rosko

    I hope the actual game play is not boring as hell like the first one.

    • Rosko

      Just watching the game play it looks exactly the same. Wouldn’t mind if the puzzles required some intelligence but they are as intellectually challenging as finding my mobile phone charger & charging my phone.
      Looks more like DLC for the first game.

  • John Duncan

    This is great news. Its probably Facebook last PC game but I am glad they dint attempt to dumb this down and make it Quest 2 exclusive. Like so many rumoured. Lone Echo is still in my top 5 best VR experiences. So i cant wait to continue the journey with Jack and Liv.

  • As much as I adored the visuals, interactivity and the characters of LE – the gameplay was no fun for me.
    Especially in the beginning when you need to fiddle something with the containers that float in space? I don’t remember how many times I laid the game to rest for many months because of this gameplay nightmare.

    To each its own I guess and I’ll still buy the second installment of course, hoping for a tad bit more interesting gameplay.

    • Bamux

      I also found the gameplay quite monotonous and repetitive, but the great movement mechanics, atmosphere and good story saved the game and made it one of the best VR experiences.

  • Romulo de Castro

    The first was amazing! Still one of the best VR games after all these years.

  • pasfish111

    Why does Oculus support PC VR? Because they totally know that pure mobile VR Gaming is absolute nonsense! I absolutely agree that the future of VR will be mobile but only in combination of VR Game streaming! Rendering directly on these devices makes sense/fun like gaming on your 15-year-old PC in 2021. That’s maybe funny for some hours but then? …

  • Chris Martin

    Erm, so what’s the ‘release date’.. because ‘summer’ isn’t one!?