VR Support Planned for Serene Photography Game Built with UE5


Lushfoil Photography Sim, a serene photography game built on Unreal Engine 5, is expected to get optional PC VR support following its initial release.

In development by solo developer Matt Newell and to be published by Annapurna Interactive, Lushfoil Photography Sim is designed as a serene walking simulator and photography game that immerses players in beautiful landscapes with a photorealistic style.

Players are equipped with a camera with a range of realistic settings, currently including “shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance, and different lens types,” and includes a “learning tool for newcomers that covers the basics of exposure and other settings.”

A demo version of the game was released this week as part of Steam Next Fest. Though the game doesn’t currently support VR, developer Matt Newell has confirmed to Road to VR that PC VR support is planned to be added sometime after the game’s initial release.

Given the game’s emphasis on photorealistic visuals, and its Unreal Engine 5 foundation, the developer doesn’t expect a port to Quest or PSVR 2 to be practical for the game.

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Lushfoil Photography Sim’s initial release doesn’t have a firm date yet (officially “coming soon”), and it’s not yet clear how long it will take for the addition of VR support after that.

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  • Xron

    Locomotion will be a problem…
    Graphics are lifelike though.

  • Ivan

    Is this similar to the 2020 VR "Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand" photography game/sim by the same developer? If that may be an indication of how the quality will be, hopefully even better as GPUs have improved over the past years.

    I wonder if Nintendo ever goes into VR headset (better than what they did with the Virtual Boy or the Switch VR Labo), if they will consider a Pokémon Snap like game for VR.

    • Fabian Grundmann

      Wakamarina Valley is included in lushfoil photography sim. I played the demo during steam fet. Lushfoil photography sim is going to be UE5 remasters of his original creations and will include some environments that have not been released yet. From what I saw the Japanese environment is more or less a complete rework. Not only the assets have been upgraded but the environment is more expansive. You can now visit some areas that had been roadblocked in the original version.

      I don't think Nintendo will go that route. They tried immersive with the 3DS and the virtual boy. They now have the best selling console ever that did not invest in processing power but in portability and creative original IPs. The found their niche and VR is not it. However, you should check out what Niantic has in store for Pokémon – proprietary AR glasses that are slated for this year, taking Pokémon Go to the next level.

  • Seems very relaxing