‘Mage’s Tale’ Aims for 10 Hours of Hand-crafted VR Dungeon Crawling


Mage’s Tale is a new title in the works for Oculus Touch by inXile Entertainment that wants to deliver a meaty VR adventure RPG that has you dwelling in dark dungeons for some 10 hours.

Some of the best VR games out there have users begging to have them made into longer and deeper VR experiences. Mage’s Tale hopes to give hungry Oculus Touch users a meaty experience to gnaw on that the developer says will take around 10 hours. Our video interview heading this article details what players can expect from the game.

That’s impressive for a game that isn’t a wave shooter, nor is it procedurally generated. All of the dungeons are hand crafted by the production team, and are littered with secrets, according to one of the game’s creators. The title’s length will also be met with a crafting system that lets you design hundreds of variations of four base specs, all of which are cast with a physical hand motion .

The game’s release date or price have not yet been set, but the it’s attempt at depth, secrets, and polish looks to be worth keeping an eye on.

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  • Damnit I dont have enough money to buy all these great looking games XD

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    they said all of the above but then didn’t say full locomotion and the interviewer didn’t follow up smh…