During yesterday’s WSJD technology conference, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz finally broke the silence since the mysteriously cancelled TED appearance scheduled back in March, where he was to give insight into the company’s ‘Digital Lightfield’ technology.

The Google-backed Magic Leap, which attracted $524 million dollars in funding last year, has been highly secretive about their augmented reality device—but in the face of yesterday’s big demo reveal that Abovitz calls “the most human way to understand visual reality,” we may still have more questions than answers.

During yesterday’s talk, Abovitz revealed that Magic Leap is no longer “in the research lab doing theoretical things,” but far out of the R&D stage and moving on to production phase. “We’re gearing up to ship millions of things,” Abovitz said.

magic leap solar system
Magic Leap’s demo showing a floating solar system overlayed in the real world

Abovitz calls the company’s new manufacturing base in South Florida, a former Motorola phone factory, the beginning of a “new product production line,” but anyone who’s glimpsed a Magic Leap device is already well under NDA, so just what ‘product’ we’ll be seeing, we can’t say for sure.

MIT Technology Review writer Rachel Metz says Magic Leap’s basic hardware is likely composed of “a tiny projector that shines light onto a transparent lens, which deflects the light onto the retina.” On stage, Abovitz explained some of the basics behind the theoretical grounding for the yet unrevealed device, but didn’t go into anything specifically hardware related:

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magic leap rony abovitz“In the real world, in visual reality, there’s this interaction with the light field. The world is a very complex dynamic light field… [it’s] not really a hologram, it’s even more complicated. It’s like a moving hologram bouncing off of everything… Think of a hologram as freezing a light field, and in visual reality these light fields are moving and dynamic and alive … our goal is to recreate that as completely as possible.”

Magic Leap has today updated their website, but you won’t find any clues there either—only the usual corporate-level marketing jive that promises that whatever is coming is “your new way to create/play/know/learn/entertain/share and bring magic back into the world.”

Millions of things? We’d be happy to see just one for now, please.

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  • brandon9271

    These millions of things could be “I <3 Magic Leap" bumper stickers for all we know. lol

    • lanthas

      It’s going to be that, isn’t it xD. “Things”? Come on…

      • brandon9271

        Still waiting on these millions of things.

  • Don Gateley

    I really, really dislike everything about this guy. Things? As coy and smug as he has been he’s got a lot to get over with me regardless of his Thing.

    • brandon9271

      Magic Leap will probably turn out to nothing more than a glorified Hololens with DLP projectors instead if an OLED screen.. and all that secrecy just to generate hype.

    • Zach

      Well said.

  • elvanas

    Its hard not to be excited by what they are showing on their website, although its sad to think that, since we don’t know what we’re dealing with, we can’t think about creating content… the only thing we can do is wait and see… Hoping to see a dev kit soon

  • markyb4321

    I really want this to be incredible.

    It certainly has me intrigued and I’m excited to see what they announce when they finally announce something tangible.

    The fact that they weren’t frightened into action by Microsoft’s announcement of Hololens potentially means they are confident they are onto a winner (Although I’ll admit it could also mean that their product needs more work to compete)

    At the moment though, it would be nice just to get something (anything) from them about what this thing is.

  • zeev kirsh

    this is pretty clearly going to be a massive bust at least as big as the segue in expectations.

  • Mauro Canas

    I AM so happy and fortunate to live in this age!!! :) Thank You for making dreams come true and real. Present is already great – near future will be far far beyond awesome!!! :)